Why Every Site Must Be Tied to Google Webmaster Tools

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If you run a website then you are most likely already aware of how important Google is to your success. If you want traffic to your site you’ve got to move up the Google rankings. Again, you probably already know that. However, there might be some things about Google that you don’t know; and in this case, what you don’t know can hurt you. So are you aware of all the tools Google has available that are designed to help you have more success with your website? One of them is Google Webmaster Tools, which offers many helpful features designed to benefit you.

The Many Reasons To Use Google Webmaster

There are many reasons to use Google Webmaster Tools, including:

  • Ability to monitor site performance – one of the top benefits of Webmaster Tools is a feature that allows you to see your site’s performance. In other words, you can see how fast your site is loading and compare that to how fast other sites are loading. It even keeps a graph of historical data on your load times. Webmaster Tools offers suggestions for improving your site’s load time, as well.
  • Lists backlinks – Google Webmaster Tools can also give you a list of all of the external links from other websites connecting to your site. The more links you have, the better it is for you. Webmaster Tools will help you to know exactly how many you have.
  • Search Queries – Webmaster Tools includes a Search Queries page, which provides information about Google Web Search queries. This page can tell you, among other things, the total amount of searches that returned pages from your site in a given time frame.
  • Analyzes Web content – Webmaster tools will allow you to see if you have duplicate content on your site, including duplicated descriptions and titles.
  • Web crawl tools – this allows Google to crawl, or go through, all of your indexed pages and help you to know whether or not Google had any difficulties finding any of your pages.
  • Lists link errors and broken links – many times websites can encounter errors or broken links. With Google Webmaster you can track and pinpoint those errors or links and then work to fix them immediately. This keeps your site up to date and improves its quality.
  • Historical data – moving data is always a big chore. You never want to lose that important information you have held onto for months or even years. Google Webmaster provides a great way to preserve your historical data even if you are moving domains. After verifying your new domain with Google Webmaster Tools, you just have to use the Change of Address feature to let Google know to move the data from an old domain to a new one.
  • Sitemaps – sitemaps helps Google index all of your pages, or just the pages you want it to.

Become A Webmaster With Google’s Help

So now that you know all of the things that Google Webmaster Tools can do for you and your website, what are you waiting for? Start using Google Webmaster Tools and discover what you’ve been missing. If you’re not sure you’ll understand how it works, don’t worry, Google offers many resources to help you understand the tools and exactly how to use them. Don’t wait any longer; let Google Webmaster Tools start working for you today.

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