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Graphic Designer

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About the Ideal Candidate:

The Refinery Source is looking for a full-time, experienced graphic designer who is passionate about outstanding design. You must be able to tell a compelling visual story while utilizing a full array of different design elements including typography, design hierarchy, visual balance, colors, blank space, and more. We need an inspired thinker who is both strongly original and creative yet also plugged into world around them and in tune with emerging design trends. We need a candidate able to produce client designs that are both harmonious with the current style and guidelines of their unique brands while also cutting edge and next generation.

In addition to unbridled creativity and design aptitude we also need candidates who are organized and hard working, able to take a project through the earliest rough concept phases through to the final polished end result. Successful applicants will also be able to successfully manage multiple projects at once and demonstrate drive and initiative. You should take pride in all of your work an in consistently portraying a powerful visual story, be in the form of web pages and infographics, or brochures, posters, and advertising materials. Candidates will also work on tradeshow and presentation graphics, email campaigns, print materials, and more. Regardless of format the underlying message and style much shine through with clarity and precision.

About The Refinery Source:

The Refinery Source is a rapidly growing marketing and consulting agency nestled in the heart of Texas’ booming Golden Triangle. Many of our clients are based in the industrial and construction sector; however, our diverse portfolio of clients also includes professionals from the legal, architectural, and engineering industries as well as creative professions. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled service and value to our clients and to helping them realize their full potential.

Our clients come to us excited for the future and we are thus looking for a graphic designer who will mirror that enthusiasm for each and every project, who is eager to use his or her innovative design skills to help clients tell their stories, and who is willing to put in the extra time and effort to get the job done right every time. A positive attitude and a strong sense of commitment are musts.

Must Haves:

  • A degree in graphic design
  • 3-5 years of experience in graphic design
  • A compelling portfolio that demonstrates innovation, the fundamentals of good design, and a proficiency with visual communication
  • Strong interpersonal skills that facilitate collaborative work with other team members from various departments
  • The ability to work according to a deadline
  • A clear understanding of business objectives and the ability to contribute strategically with stunning designs
  • Skill balancing multiple projects, effective time management, and flexibility
  • Ability to revise and perfect designs based on feedback and constructive criticism
  • Talent for being able to wireframe broad concepts for review before diving into full design
  • Ability to interpret and apply designs to a full array of media types across various client industries

Technical Skills:

  • Should be proficient with:
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Photoshop
    • Indesign CS6 or higher
  • Basic copywriting skills preferred
  • Ability to learn and master new design programs and platforms


  • Competitive, experienced-based salary
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