How to Determine Content Strategy Regularity

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The term ‘content strategy’ is one of the major buzzwords of the current online marketing and SEO landscape. The idea of forming a content strategy and determining an ideal schedule for updates is something that more and more companies and individual sites are getting on board with. However, despite its growing prominence, many content writers are still unsure of how to determine their optimal regularity and posting schedule. The following article will provide several starting points to consider.

What is your overall workforce and the resources at your disposal?

The reality of the situation is that one of the main indicators of what type of content regularity you can utilize is simply going to come down to your overall workforce or other resources. Chances are your company and your content writers will probably have other things that they need to do as a part of daily operations. Even if you do have dedicated writers who only spend their time churning out content – a luxury not many businesses can afford in today’s economy – there is still a limit to how much they can get done.

Along similar lines you may choose to outsource your content creation to freelance sources. This is a great way to free up time for your workforce, but it comes with its own set of limitations. For example the outside writers may not know your company, products, and services as well as internal writers would. Another important consideration is the cost of paying for such a strategy and how much you can afford to spend on it.

Ultimately from this angle, what you will need to do is take an honest look at how much content you can reasonably expect to produce and determine your regularity based on that. Your content strategy should be ambitious and you should strive to produce the best pieces possible. However, it is necessary to be realistic about the labor and/or monetary costs associated with it.

What Type Of Schedule Does Your Content Lend Itself To?

While developing regularity is an extremely important part of a successful content strategy, the last thing you want to do is allow the overall quality of your posts to suffer as a result of writing a great deal of ‘filler’ pieces. Too many low quality, or boring articles will cause your readers to tune out or quit visiting your site completely, which means even your top-of-the-line articles won’t get the attention they deserve. Thus, one major factor in why type of schedule you set up is the nature of the topic or subject that you are writing about.

Some subjects lend themselves to more frequent updates than other. Is your subject matter something which can and should be discussed on a daily basis, or is it instead something which develops more slowly? Are you posting interesting, useful company news, or just rambling about the monotonies of day-to-day life at your office?

On the other hand, if your content is in a very exciting, rapidly expanding area, or if there is a great deal of excitement surrounding it, then you can and should update often to keep your readers engaged. The bottom line is that you want your audience to routinely come to your site because they know you will have the most pertinent, digestible, interesting information. You should instill in them a confidence that your site won’t miss out on covering the big news, and also won’t bombard them with meaningless drivel.

What Level of Complexity and Detail Does Your Content Incorporate?

The final factor that we are going to consider is the complexity, detail, and overall degree of work that your posts will require. All posts should be good, but some will naturally take more time and effort than others. In some cases you may need to do considerable research, hunt down the perfect graphics and images, or even create your own charts, graphs, or infographs. Doing these things will require considerably more effort, and take quite a bit longer, than if you’re working on a short opinion piece about a topic you are highly well-versed on.

Your highest quality pieces may also require some extra promotion efforts, and you may not want to immediately posts several new things which might push them off the front page. Instead you’ll want to showcase them properly, and give readers time to enjoy them and hopefully favorite, like, retweat or relink them. These are all considerations to bear in mind when determining your overall content strategy and schedule.

At the end of the day there is no cut and dried answer for what regularity your content strategy should utilized because the truth is there are simply too many individual factors relating your site, subject, and audience. Your optimal regularity may be very different from someone else’s, and it should be tailored to fit your site and the response you are getting from readers, and even your overall SEO goals. The main thing to remember is that establishing a regularity and fine tuning your content strategy is imperative and the sooner you do that, the sooner you can reap the maximum rewards from your efforts!

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