The Positive Results of a Press Release

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With the rampant success of Internet marketing and digital business tools, many have dismissed the old ways of building a buzz about your company and advertising your latest products and services. Billboards, newspaper ads and TV ads are still in use, but they aren’t as widely used as they once were. Many in the business world are under the impression that the press release is dead and that it no longer serves a purpose since you can build a buzz and reveal new products through the use of social media. The truth is that the press release is not only alive and well, but effective too. Rather than make use of the newest marketing and advertising tools, look for ways that the traditional business tools are being used in this technology-driven day and age.

Benefits of a Press Release

Not matter the size or the industry that your business is in, you’ll undoubtedly find a press release beneficial. You can be a new business or a business that has existed for 50 years, a press release affords equal benefits to both. While you might not have a story that belongs on the front page of major newspapers, you can receive coverage in magazines, blogs, social media sites, podcasts and trade journals from all over the world. The only way that you can get all of that coverage is to get word out about your business, and one of the best ways to do that is with a press release.

Something else to think about is how inexpensive press releases are. You can write your own press release for free or have a professional write if for you instead. If you’ve never written a press release before, it’s better if you pay money to a press release distribution service and have them write it for you instead so that they can help make sure that your press release is seen by the right people. Even if you do have to pay a press release distribution company, you still won’t be paying as much as you would for advertising.

Press releases draw attention to your company, which is essential for small and start-up businesses. Larger and long-standing businesses still have to fight to stay in the spotlight, especially since now it’s easier than ever for companies to truly succeed and get their brand out in the public. By making good use of a long-term press release strategy, you’ll let people know who your company is, the products and services you offer and your value to the public. Not only will the public take note of you, but journalists, bloggers and social media leaders will too, all of whom will give you even more exposure for free.

Experts Far and Wide

Since nearly anyone can start their own business, it can be hard separating the amateurs from the experts and professionals. You can establish yourself as both a professional and an expert in your particular industry through a press release. The more of an expert you are, the more traffic your website, blog and brick-and-mortar store will receive. People like being able to go to one location or one source for their information, products and services rather than having to wade through all of the junk out there. Being an expert also means being a trusted source, a trusted source that consumers are more likely to buy from. Your trustworthiness is also good for the media as well. Journalists and news reporters strive for accuracy and truth, so they’ll be more likely to want a comment from a company or business that is well-trusted.

Rather than focus on major media outlets to send your press release to, it’s better if you focus on smaller and local media outlets instead. The reason for this is that most major media outlets actually get a majority of their stories from smaller media outlets scattered around the world. News is like a virus, it’s going to spread no matter what. Once one journalist or reporter finds out about something, it’s in their nature to want to share it with others. While major media outlets might have more exposure and money, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t several smaller media outlets who don’t have just as many viewers as their major counterparts.

You never know when an investor will come across your press release and want to invest in you. A press release is something that draws attention to the accomplishments and advances of a company, and those accomplishments and advancements could be just the thing that certain investors are looking for. In order to keep investors interested, make sure that you have an online news room on your company website so they’ll always be up-to-date about what’s going on with your business.

The rumors about the death of the press release have been greatly exaggerated. If you have something you’d like to announce, prepare a well-written press release to maximize the benefits of it and show everyone that the press release is alive and kicking.

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