offline marketing

For centuries humans have promoted their goods and services with unique engagement, all the while establishing relationships with other vendors and merchants. Clearly, for the vast majority of marketing history this wasn’t referred to as “offline marketing” or even as “marketing” at all; it was simply a means to making money through their business. However, there is no denying that these modern terms and practices evolved, often with strikingly similar cores adopted from these early behaviors. In the end we’re still selling. Here at Refinery Source when we speak of offline marketing, we refer to the traditional forms of advertising: television, news/magazine print, radio, and outdoor. “Traditional”, “offline”, “conventional” — whatever you want to call it, we do it.

The traditional forms of advertising are the bread and butter of most advertising agencies. We on the other hand are fairly new to this space, but obviously not new to the mediums. Our clients typically take to online first, offline second. Why advertise in these traditional forms when your website, its content, and your social presence does not reflect the feeling from your latest offline campaign? Doesn’t make sense right? Customers these days are pre-qualifying you based on your website and testimonials before they do business with you. Let us creatively connect both your online and offline marketing efforts into a smarter, more strategic campaign that will bring more leads.

Strategy Consultation:

Develop and implement an offline marketing strategy and see where we can tie it into your online efforts. Identify promising distribution areas and target demographics. Help you evaluate the success rate of your current strategies and optimize accordingly.

Media Buying:

Meet with media sales reps (tv, radio, print, outdoor) — saving you a ton of time and having to deal with their pesky drop-ins and cold calls to your office. Direct them to us. From here we’ll build a media plan.

Promo Materials

Slap your logo on some killer promotional products like pens, koozies, hats, mugs, shirts, etc. We have an extensive catalog and make it easy for you to get the quality products you need, on time for your next trade show, sales team, or promotion.

Do you need a creative design or unique language for your products? We can do that too. A couple large national and regional restaurant chains use Refinery Source to staff uniforms for their restaurant concepts.


Develop unconventional copy and ideas to create unique brand experiences. We balance commerce and creativity. We listen to you and what you need to accomplish, then work from there. When producing television and radio spots, we are the lead Creative Directors to ensure consistent and quality execution. Advertising these days also, at times, need to entertain and not just simply sell. Our creative team works to make connections and engage with the audience(s) you want to speak to, using strategical mediums.


Design print marketing materials while balancing commerce and creativity. Business-to-business (B2B) brochures, sales sheets, business cards, stationary, etc.

Finally we’ll provide additional support, analytics, resources, and assistance for your on-going offline and marry it with your online marketing.

We not only accept, but we welcome that our marketing landscape is quite different than 10 years ago, or even in the past several months. As a result, we find it important to stay on current trends, before and while they’re happening, and also to try to be thinking of what’s coming next. We want our clients to stay ahead of their competition and for the Refinery Source, that means providing our clients with the best advertising.

The Refinery can help you capitalize on the best, and most pertinent forms of traditional offline marketing, while leaving the useless, outdated techniques back in antiquity where they belong. We love a good challenge.

Complications arise from the fact that even if many of the basic premises of offline marketing remain unchanged, the environment in which they are taking place is now drastically different. The types of ads that resonate with consumers and other companies have changed, as have the demographics of these consumers and companies. The modes of marketing themselves, while still “offline”, have also shifted, grown, shrank, and resettled into new areas. Expectations about quality, relevance, and even entertainment value are also much different.

We realize that for most of our clients traditional marketing probably feels like a necessary evil, something they must do to sustain their business, when they would rather actually be working on daily operations. That is why we want to take on this challenge for you and why we will go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations. Let us handle the stress and logistics of offline marketing so that you can handle your business.