online marketing

The internet has revolutionized the way people all over the world buy, sell, and research products and services. For consumers, this new retail landscape has resulted in an array of benefits such as more selection, access to goods from all over the nation or even the world, the ability to make price comparisons quickly and easily, and access to product reviews and critiques before they buy. Having a strong and creative online marketing strategy to serve up what you do when a customer wants it or is in shopping/discover mode, is absolute paramount; this is what we do.

However, for businesses this shift has often meant a much more challenging environment. They no longer have to beat the prices of only the other shops in town, but perhaps in the whole country. Offering the best product in the area is no longer sufficient; they must offer the best product along with world-class service period. Developing in-person relationships with local customers and businesses is not enough; nowadays companies must develop strong relationships via social media with people they may never have even seen before. The Refinery has the experience, skills, and resources it needs to help your company excel in the lightning-fast online marketplace.


Our strategy is fairly simple: we make relationships first, then do business second. What does this mean for you? It means that we dig in and learn, yes learn, what you do and what you want to accomplish. The CMO of one of our clients once said, after they invited us to one of their client meetings, “Wow, we didn’t realize you all knew so much about our business. Y’all completely understand what we do from the ‘big picture.’ Accounting only knows numbers, and our guys with boots on the ground, only know how to do their job, but y’all really see how it all fits together. ” When deciding which high-level online marketing group to your team, consider that, the digging in to your business to extract a holistic strategy as just one of our key differentiators here at Refinery Source.

Come up with innovative strategies to help you connect with customers based on your particular business and demographic. Conceptualize and implement a fully comprehensive online marketing strategy that is sustainable and tailored to fit your group. The notion of, “never judge a book by its cover” does not apply today. You have got to speak the language of your customer and at the right time, so they can decide whether they want to do business with you.

Web Design

Redesign and optimize your site to allow it to reach its full potential using our slick development chops: PHP, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, etc. (notice we don’t create in Flash, this is good for you.) We are extremely knowledgeable in type treatments, Search Engine Optimization strategies, and the mediums in which we engage with media and marketing. Here at Refinery Source, we design for it all: from business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B).

Are you a retailer who has dreamed of selling product online? We can get you there. Are you a large industrial group who needs those few extra opportunities to open business? We can help.

You can see yourself now, sitting watching TV, while your wife is shopping on her tablet, and your daughter on browsing on her smartphone. Here at Refinery Source we design responsively, so your website and its content looks stunning on a desktop, smart TV, smartphone, and mobile smart phones. You can even turn the tablet or phone from landscape to portrait and it will automatically adjust itself for that screen size. Pretty cool, right?

We want to minimize any risk of your customer leaving to visit another competitor. And if they do, we want that visitor thinking of your site, the information you offer after researching others, then come back to do reach out and do business. Recently, one early morning one of our retail clients called us with surprise and excitement, a called client told us with “A now new customer did business with us simply because he researched all our local competitors websites, and we had the best design. He trusted that our business mirrored the efforts we put on our site, and for that I can’t thank you and the Refinery Source team enough.”

Lead Generation

Help you qualify and nurture new leads via on-site modal pop-ups, promotional contests, email acquisition campaigns, and/or unique landing pages tied to Pay-Per-Click or digital banners retargeting. Lead generation is part of your top funnel, and this area of your business must constantly be fed to sustain scalable growth. For us, we only want to provide you with quality leads that, with your internal operations and sales team, be converted into a sale. We expose new business, you close it.

Content Strategy

Create a content strategy that will position you as a thought leader in your industry. We’ll write distinct content to improve your Search Engine Optimization, all the while being cognizant of the most current content trends and red flags, to get noticed and higher ranked on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. In turn, you gain the trust of your customers and become a source of information, organically.

Social Media

Manage your company’s image with targeted social media posts. We have a proprietary social media management platform (that is still in development) that gives us a competitive and opportunity snapshot,customized for our clients business. From here we are able to tweet, make Facebook and LinkedIn posts about highly relevant and engaging information.

Web Video Content

Video can truly allow you to tell your story. Customer testimonials, product/service insights, how-to videos give your visitors and brand advocates a deeper relationship with your business. We’ll storyboard, write the script, shoot, edit, and distribute your video content through your site, paid search, and/or socially.

Let The Refinery empower your business to not just survive, but to thrive in the digital age.

We love a good challenge. With these challenges, comes a powerful set of potential advantages. Companies have the power to connect with their customers in new and exciting ways that can ultimately result in even greater brand loyalty than in the old days. Information about target demographics and the success or failure rate of marketing campaigns is also a keystroke away. A well-run social media program is faster, cheaper, and more efficient than traditional customer outreach efforts.