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Building for Builders: New Web Design for H.B. Neild & Sons


Recently, The Refinery had the chance to create a new site for the company H.B. Neild & Sons Contractors & Construction Managers. For this project we quickly realized that it was going to be important to focus on designing a strong, easy-to-navigate website that would reflect the image of the company and move them into the modern mobile age. We also knew that we wanted to focus on the substance, integrity, and proud tradition of the company by creating quality pages that showcased their work and experience, and demonstrated their credibility. Here’s what we came up with for H.B. Neild & Sons:

Use Case Studies To Tell The Story of H.B. Neild & Sons

The company was founded in 1932 by H.B. Neild and has remained a proud family tradition ever since. The company is now being run by its fourth generation, and like the three generations preceding it, the Neilds emphasize honest, integrity and only the very highest quality of work with safety as a top priority. Over the 80+ years, the company has done an outstanding job servicing the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. To showcase these achievements we created comprehensive case studies.

These case studies describe in detail the specific ways H.B. Neild & Sons was tasked with meeting the needs of particular clients, the way they overcame challenges and capitalized on opportunities, and ultimately the high quality results that H.B. Neild & Sons was able to achieve. By focusing on these specific case studies, we feel that potential clients get a much better understanding of what the company has to offer and that it will be easier for them to visualize the kind of results H.B. Neild & Sons can deliver for them.

A Hard Working Design For a Hard Working Company

The construction industry, and H.B. Neild & Sons in particular, is all about using hard work to get quality results. We knew that in order to reflect that ethos we would need to create a no-frills site that was sleek, strong, intuitive, and most of all functional. Ultimately what we were seeking was a way to make the site design reflect the effort and hard work that H.B. Neild & Sons puts into delivering a finished product that their clients can trust and count on.

In order to accomplish this, our web design team created a homepage that allows site visitors to quickly and easily navigate to the page that they need. In fact, much of the requisite company information such as services, contact details, news, testimonials, and recent work is right there on the homepage in clear, concise, uncluttered style. Additional information such as career opportunities, company history, a comprehensive description of services, and informational articles are all only a click away.

Create a Full Complement of Pages to Attract Visitors

We wanted the site to be sleek and no-nonsense, but that certainly didn’t mean we were going to skimp on pages or content. In order for H.B. Neild & Sons to have a site that reached its full potential we knew that we were going to need some quality content that established trust and industry credibility. We also needed to have enough different pages and site sections that new visitors would have multiple ways of landing on the site and could find the varied resources that they needed. In order to ensure that H.B. Neild & Sons Contractors & Construction Managers was fully equipped with quality pages we dove in for some intensive research and wrote technical, industry-specific articles that would inform readers about relevant topics.

Designed the Site Using Responsive Web Design to Maximize Accessibility

Nowadays more and more people are using tablets, notebooks, smartphones, and other devices with smaller screens to access the web. That meant that we not only needed to design a site that would look great on a desktop or laptop screen, but would also be optimized to display properly for one of these smaller mobile devices. The answer was responsive web design which automatically readjusts the margins and display format to accommodate a range of screen sizes. It took more work to develop and code for, but we were committed to providing a site that would take H.B. Neild & Sons Contractors & Construction Managers fully into the mobile age.

Prominently Display Client and Association Logos to Build Trust

In their 80+ years of service H.B. Neild & Sons has had the opportunity to work with some very big name companies that are highly respected on a local, regional, and even national and international level. Additionally H.B. Neild & Sons is a member of important trade associations and industry groups. We knew that the company’s involvement with these big name clients and respected organizations was a key way to build new client trust. For this reason we prominently displayed client and association logos and even designed a scrolling slider for the company.

It has been a pleasure working with H.B. Neild & Sons Contractors & Construction Managers and we are proud of the work we did for this company. We encourage you to check out the website and judge our work for yourself. As always please contact The Refinery for information about what we can do for your company.