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Refinery Source created a visual and interactive, historical timeline for Southeast Texas Industrial (STI) Group

Celebrating A Phenomenal 35 Years for STI Group, Visually.

STI Group Historical Timeline

Celebrating A Phenomenal 35 Years, Visually.

Recently we showcased the infographic that we did for STI Group. We were very pleased with the way it came out, as were they. That is why the idea quickly arose of doing another project with them that would once again capture the essence of who STI Group is as a company. The idea quickly arose to highlight the phenomenal growth that STI Group has experienced over the last 35 years. Things have truly developed for the company at a frenzied pace and in that 35 year timespan they have grown from 3 employees to over 2200. We knew that such amazing developments deserved an amazing piece of visual content.

Beyond A Standard Infographic

One of the challenges we faced was that though everyone involved was extremely happy with the way the infographic turned out, we wanted to do something fresh and original for this follow up project. We had some excellent information and resources to help us along the way. We were able to get tons of great pictures, as well as dates on major important events and benchmarks. Thanks to all the prevalence of dates we quickly settled on the idea of doing a timeline. However, once again we were faced with our objective of coming up with something new and different.

We wanted something that would grab the viewers’ attention and really make them sit up and take notice. That is why we felt that in order to gain this extra level of engagement, adding an interactive element to the timeline was essential. With that mission in mind we gathered our resources and took a good, hard look at what it would take from a technical standpoint.

Javascript Was Key

Our team of web designers and developers were very much up to this task and knew instantly that utilizing Javascript would be key for actualizing this project. Javascript provided a fantastic framework and allowed us to create a truly interactive, responsive timeline. Another great perk was that Javascript enabled us to create a dynamic page that would pull in the relevant pictures, images, dates, and information as the reader scrolled, but which would then disappear from focus as the person kept scrolling. This kept the page clean and tidy and meant that whatever image and date the viewer was looking at would always be the center stage, focal point of their screen.

Quality Content And Images

There was definitely no shortage of pictures, dates, and other images to use for the timeline given how successful and productive STI Group has been as a company. However, we knew that it was important to fine tune everything as much as possible and keep the information concise and relevant. Just because each section would give us a new, fresh page to work with, didn’t mean that we wanted to bog viewers down with a full page of text every time. That is why we focused on the major things like new office and fabrication sites opening, a new direction or development in STI Group’s business model, and pivotal benchmarks like the ever-expanding population of employees at the company. Ultimately what it came down to was creating several thematic threads that would unify everything and keep viewers eagerly anticipating what would come next.

A Timeline That Will Be Remembered

This project took a big chunk of time and resources and was also a good bit of work. However, we were thrilled with the opportunity to work on it and we found it very satisfying and rewarding. We feel that not only with the information, dates, and images continue to buzz in the heads of those who see it, but the skills, knowledge, and experience that we gained in the process was also incredibly enriching. Please go check it out; we think that you will agree.