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Chronicling a Partnership and Progress with STI Group and Jefferson Energy Companies

Javascript Timeline

A Timeline Celebrating An Important Partnership

We recently completed an interactive timeline for STI Group that featured the use of Javascript to cleanly and clearly represent the history of the company. STI Group was so pleased with the results that it didn’t take long until we were on another new interactive timeline for them. This one was conceptualized as a way to inform stakeholders about the timeline of the Jefferson Energy Companies projects built by STI Group. Their partnership is very beneficial to the community so it was important to come up with an effective way to convey the information for these lengthy projects.

A Fresh, Interactive Style For The Timeline

One of the principals we always like to focus on for our creative undertakings, is coming at things from an innovative, shareable angle. Previously we completed a sharp, visual infographic for STI Group as well as the interactive, Javascript based timeline displaying the company history. Each was a very different style, and we once again we wanted to make sure to come up with something that would be memorable, high quality, and unlike our previous work.

A Javascript Based Timeline That Could Be Embedded On Multiple Sites

The great thing about Javascript is that it is not only highly functional, but also highly versatile and compatible with a wide array of sites, browsers, and devices. That made it the perfect choice for this project since it was crucial that the timeline could be embedded on multiple different sites that are important to each of the two companies involved. We also needed something that we could work with on an ongoing basis since though the first version of the timeline is now complete. The energy projects themselves are still in the works and thus the timeline will need to be updated regularly as new developments occur. Once again Javascript was the perfect choice for these requirements.

A Side-Scrolling, Visual and Content Rich Timeline

This time instead of a downward-scrolling page with the information and pictures sliding in from each side, we decided to do a horizontal scrolling page with each panel of information appearing as the visitor clicked to the next slide. We once again decided that it was key to keep the information moving, and the page uncluttered by having the previous information disappear as the person worked their way through the timeline, thereby allowing all of their attention to be focused only on the current piece of information.

A Timeline We Could Be Proud Of

The end result was a timeline that all parties – The Refinery, STI Group, and The Jefferson Energy Companies – could be proud of. We feel that this timeline does a great job articulating and highlighting the key points involving the energy projects as well as the role that each of the two companies, STI Group and The Jefferson Energy Companies, play in the development of these projects. We look forward to keeping visitors updated as these projects come to fruition.