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Pro-Cure Presentation for Sales and Field Team


We recently assisted Pro-Cure by building a cutting-edge presentation. Pro-Cure’s specialty is abrasive blastings, linings, and coatings. They needed to find a way to help their salesmen present all the information to clients in a wide variety of settings that would be appealing and provide strong, consistent information. We were very excited about this project because it gave us the chance to flex our technical skills and use some exciting capabilities. For this presentation we focused on adding the following functionalities:

Mobile Optimization

It’s no secret that more and more people, customers and sales reps alike, are accessing sites on their smartphones. That is why one of our main priorities was building a presentation that was not just compatible with mobile, but fully optimized to yield the best user experience and the most attractive interface.

Tablet and iPad Compatible

Many of Pro-Cure’s salesmen utilize tablets or iPads for their presentations while in the field. These devices are perfect for this type of web application because they are small enough to easily be transported while providing great presentation capabilities. Naturally we wanted the Pro-Cure presentation to be just as attractive and compelling on these devices as on phones or traditional PCs.

Dual Functionality for Swipe Touch or Click

Going hand in hand with making the presentation compatible with mobile devices, iPads, and tablets was the need to make them swipe enabled for touch. However, we also wanted the presentation to work just as well on a laptop or desktop utilizing a mouse click. Thus we made the presentation dual compatible for touch or click.

Quality Content and Information

Great tech capabilities and features are very important, but we knew that they would only take the presentation so far. To truly make it excel it needed to be built on a strong, quality foundation of well-organized, clearly articulated information. That is why we also focused on the integrity of the information and the coherency and structure of the presentation itself. We wanted to truly engage viewers and get them excited about Pro-Cure as we provided a brief overview of Pro-Cure’s main points.

We are very satisfied with the end results and are pleased to report that Pro-Cure was also delighted by the new presentation. In fact, they found that the presentation was so engaging and informative that they also decided to use it for their trade shows. The entire presentation was accomplished with Javascript for maximum compatibility and function.