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Helping A Successful Attorney Grow With The Web


Fully Responsive Design for the Mobile Experience

Maintaining more than one site for the desktop and an alternate site for mobile is a thing of the past. You no longer have to update two separate sites and can instead write once to run everywhere. We created a fully responsive design to serve Clay Dugas’ website for all screens. Quickly getting information for Clay’s services is just as easy on a small screen on the go as it is at your desk.

Lawyer Analytics

Increase in Traffic By Managing Analytics

With different areas of litigation involving completely different subject matters, it was crucial to take a holistic approach to improve search engine rankings. We took the existing pages and traffic data to determine the competitiveness of requested legal phrases to determine where traffic could be increased the quickest. This made creating a content strategy much easier, more efficient and highly targeted.

Content Strategy

Content, Content and More Content

The key to any successful website in the current climate is to provide high-quality comprehensive articles and resources for your audience to consume. The content itself can drive traffic to your site and increase your engagement with potential leads. We create posts and pages that encourage sharing to increase the overall exposure and impression your site can make on the web.

Clay Dugas Twitter

Twitter Is A Platform For Outreach and Interaction

You’re not all business…all the time. Twitter is a great way to show personality and build a rapport with your clients, friends, peers and anyone whom chooses to follow you. The messages are simple, succinct and delivered in 140 characters or less. We’re getting social one tweet at a time!