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Turning An Insurance Company’s Website Into A Customer Resource

Insurance Website Design

Responsive Design Means Insurance For All Screens

Responsive web design allows a site to be useful and visually appealing on a full variety of different screen sizes from desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. This is a great feature for an insurance site because in cases such as property damage the policyholder may not have easy access to a traditional computer. Similarly when there is a death in the family that might call for a life insurance claim, or an illness which might require consultation of a health insurance policy, people are very like to be on the move. We set Beaty Insurance up with a sharp, highly functional responsive web design that clients and site visitors will benefit from hugely.

Insurance Content

Frequently Updated Resources Need Content Management

One of the main services that The Refinery rendered for Beaty Insurance dealt with the way the site handles its content. Content is a huge part of any site, because at its core level it is the actual information that clients and site visitors will actually peruse. Content is also extremely important from a rank-building, SEO point of view, which in turns generates more traffic for the site and allows more people to benefit from Beaty Insurance’s excellent products. For the important task of content management we took a four prong approach:

Comprehensive Content – First, we made sure that all of the content on the site was high quality, and valuable to readers. We carefully avoided filler and fluff and meticulously checked facts and compiled information to ensure that all the content was comprehensive, while also being enjoyable to read and easy to understand.

Industry Specific – Insurance is a very specialized sector so we not only researched Beaty’s particular insurance products and services, but also examined trends for web design in the overall insurance community. We wanted to make sure that visitors looking for facts about insurance could get that data quickly and accurately, and that the site truly reflected its purpose.

Blog for Regular Updates – Blogs have become one of the most popular features on many websites, across all industries. The reason is because blogs provide clients and readers with a way to keep abreast of new developments for the company. Beaty’s blog is a great resource for people who want to learn more about insurance and find out what Beaty can do for them.

Case Studies – The case studies section that we added is one of our proudest achievements. It enables clients and potential clients to read about specific cases in which Beaty was able to greatly improve a client’s business or their overall way of life. It gives readers something concrete that they can understand and then apply to their own situation.

Insurance CMS

Content Strategy Going Forward – Insurance For the Future

It wasn’t enough for us to simply refine Beaty’s existing content and content management system; instead we needed to provide a way for the great content to keep on going, and remain fresh and dynamic. That is why we also set Beaty Insurance up with a thorough content strategy going forward. This will allow clients and readers to continue benefiting from great insurance content and Beaty services.