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A Complete Marketing Strategy for an Industrial Company


Web Design With an Industrial Look

Golden Triangle Industries approached us looking for a website that reflects their passion and service in their industry. Their employees were out working hard trying to spread the word about their high-quality products and services. The owner had the insight in knowing that the look and feel of their website from years before didn’t create the same message that they wanted to convey to their customers. His goal was to have a comprehensive website featuring all of their offerings in an industrial look that was ahead of their competition. This progressive approach has proven to be very successful in their mission to grow their company.


Extremely Relevant and Useful Content Creation

Gone are the days where you can just create a website and then leave it alone. With the current online trends that is a recipe for failure. We helped GTI create high-quality content that is relevant to their customers and is shareable within their industry. This not only helped increase their traffic but it also raised their rankings on the search engines as we produced more indexable content about their business. Content like this also works as a trust factor while potential customers are researching your business and authority.


Email Campaigns to Keep Your Customers Engaged

Email still remains one of the most effective forms of communication with your customers. You control the list and you also control the message. This has been a great method of outreach for GTI because they share their latest news and announcements to those who need the information most. It keeps their brand in front of their customer base more often than they are physically able to be.


Getting Social is Keeping the Conversation Going

What good is great content if you don’t share it with anyone? That is exactly what social media is for. We can interact with vendors, customers, and potential new leads by sharing with them our knowledge of the industry and announcements about what GTI is currently doing.

Industrial CRM

Customer Relationship Management Gets and Keeps Customers

With GTI firing on all sales and marketing cylinders it became very important to manage the outreach, sales process, and lead generation of their customers. There is no better way to do so than the implementation and heavy usage of a customer relationship manager such as Salesforce. We are able to take note of contacts, approach new customers, build out profiles of GTI’s audience and better maintain relations with all of their clients. This creates organized and maximized efficiency across their operations and gives the best return on investment with every customer interaction.