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Putting The Polish On Mathews Jewelers’ Website Design

Over the past few months we have helped Mathews Jewelers with a complete overhaul of their site. We’ve also provided them with several other important services to help them better serve and inform their customer base. It has been incredible working with the team at Mathews Jewelers and we are really excited about what we’ve accomlished. Let’s take a look at some of the key areas.

A Luxurious New Site for a Luxury Business

The most visually obvious change was to the website layout. The new look now better reflects their business and resonates more with customers. Since they sell sleek, luxury goods, we wanted to capture a vibe that would match. That is why we went for an extra classy, sleek, easy to navigate site that was in harmony with who they are as a company.

In order to do this we provided them with a quick, easy to find navigation bar right at the top of the page. Below that we added a dynamic, scrolling set of product photos so customers would really notice the jewelry when they visited the site. We followed that up with some important assets: American Gemological Society, unique jewelry, and expert jewelers on staff. We transitioned that in with a set of brand spotlights so that customers could quickly start getting a feel for the merchandise. The Mathews Jewelers team is very pleased with the way the site foundation because it easily allows customers to explore and learn.

Informative Product Pages

One of our biggest projects was creating individual product pages for various key merchandise as well as separate brands pages. We put executed a considerable amount of research on each brand or piece of jewelry. We made sure that the content was accurate, informative, as well as fun and compelling for the visitor. We take pride in these tasks and are delighted with the results.

Quality Industry-Specific Content

We also needed to write industry-specific content for Mathews Jewelers. This content was for the blog and is an important way for the company to connect with its readers while also providing genuinely useful resources that would benefit their visitors. For this project we needed to do a considerable amount of research and learn to think and write in ways that reflected the industry. Ultimately this was not only a great service that we provided for Mathews, but a fun and informative experience for us as well. We feel like everyone, especially Mathews Jewelers’ readers benefited from this.

Responsive Web Design For All Users

More people quickly grab their smartphone or tablet for research. We wanted to give Mathews Jewelers the opportunity to meet customers where they are at the moment for their next jewelry purchase. That is why we created a website that utilizes responsive web design for Mathews Jewelers. This ensures that regardless of what screen size or device the person is using to access the site; it still looks sleek and amazing, easy to use and completely functional.