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A Brand New Site

For the Dr. Oz and Associated Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeons (or ACTS), we decided to start by building them a brand new site. Their previous site had done a good job of getting their information across for years, but it had slowly taken on an outdated look as browser technology, web design trends, and user expectations began to shift. With that in mind we went to the drawing board and came up with a site to meet the following objectives:

Who Is ACTS?

We began with the top of the homepage by prominently displaying a set of scrolling pictures of the ACTS office and staff. This is way for for future patients to recognize the office setting when they arrived for their appointment so they feel comfortable and familiar. Next, we included a summary of what ACTS healthcare services and why their practice is such a good choice. We paired this a section next to the “Frequently Ask Questions” so that visitors would instantly start to get the information that they needed as soon as they landed on the site.

Benefits and Quality

Our next order of business was to show visitors the unique benefits and high quality service that they would be receiving with ACTS. To do this we listed a section comprising some of the hallmarks of ACTS care followed by a testimonials section so that visitors could see what other patients were saying. To complete picture we also prominently displayed ACTS board certification, as well as a scrolling “Meet the Physicians” section giving important information about each of the doctors. Our goal was for site visitors to feel completely at ease and confident about the care they would receive, before they ever clicked away from the homepage.

Easy Navigation Was Key

A great homepage was only the first step. We also wanted to provide more detailed information and resources to visitors. For that reason we broke the ACTS site into the three main medical sections: Heart, Vascular, and Lung, as well as adding sections for Physicians, Patient Info, Resources, and Contact information. Our main focus was on giving users an intuitive way to browse the site.

Technical Information Was No Problem For The Refinery

In order to complete the subsections for each medical specialty in required conducting extensive resource into each specialty and then writing a technical summary of the procedures or topics. While this was slightly challenging it was ultimately no problem at all. We are always delighted to provide this kind of industry-specific content for our clients as needed.

An Eye Toward The Future With Responsive Web Design

One of our most necessary accomplishments with the ACTS site was creating it with responsive web design. Responsive web design enables site visitors to view a fully optimized, dynamic version of the site on every different internet browsing device, regardless of screen size. That means that users who access the site from their smartphones see a version optimized for that screen size, while iPad or tablet users see another, and laptop or desktop users see still another. There is no limit with responsive web design and the goal is outstanding user experience. We know that responsive web design will only become more and more important in the future of technology and web browsing, and that is why we made sure that the ACTS website is 100% ready and waiting.