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Responsive Web Design For A Construction Company

Responsive Construction Design

A Commercial Construction Company Needed A Website To Showcase Their Awesome Work

Apex Construction approached us with the need to update and upgrade their existing website to make it more visually appealing to their client base. Their commercial construction work is top-notch and is most commonly completed for A-class office buildings and fitness centers. Some of the features we implemented on the website included:

  • Image Gallery for Project Work
  • Case Studies for Work Completed
  • Project Room to Hold Blueprints for Collaboration

One of the biggest needs was the opportunity for their guys in the field to be able to share the website on their tablets and smart phones. We tackled this request by designing the site responsively from the ground up. This means that the website repurposes itself for optimal viewing based on the screen size it is being viewed on. Their are many benefits to responsive design:

  • The ability to view the site and all of its features on many screen sizes.
  • Maintain one site to update all screens.
  • Easier to share information when remote.

As always, the website was built upon a content management system that allows Apex to take full control of their content once the site was launched. Their future construction projects can be easily uploaded in-house as they are completed.