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Wings N More Portfolio Gameday Shirt 2013

Restaurant Marketing with Style for Wings ‘N More

Wings N More Portfolio Gameday Shirt 2013

Restaurant Marketing with Style

Recently we did a new t-shirt design for Wings N More to commemorate this year’s football season. As any sports fan will tell you, there is an unbreakable link between football, cold beer, and hot wings. That is why football season is always such a big time of year for Wings N More, and why, due to their location in College Station, so many customers are Texas A&M fans.

Strengthening the Link

Our first goal with the t-shirt design was to further strengthen the link in customers’ minds between Wings N More and the 2013 Texas A&M football season. In order to facilitate this we made sure to do the design in the Texas A&M colors of maroon and white. We also added the football helmet to the badge design, the ‘Game Day’ verbiage, and even outright spelled out the association we were going for, “Cold Beer – Sports – Wings.”

Capitalizing on Past Success

It is important to note here that this was not by any means the first Game Day t-shirt we have done for Wings N More. Instead it is the latest installment of a recurring annual design. By doing yearly designs for Wings N More we are able to capitalize on the previous iterations of Game Day shirts. Fans get recurring yearly enjoyment by enjoying the games while eating wings and drinking beer at the Wings N More restaurant.

Reaping the Rewards

The result is an enduring mental bond between Wings N More, the Game Day t-shirts, and Texas A&M Games. Thus, ultimately buying the latest Game Day shirt, eating the wings and drinking the beer at Wings N More, while watching the football game becomes a beloved yearly tradition. Each activity takes on more significance and becomes all the more enjoyable because with Wings N More we have created this popular link between shirts, great food, and exciting games.