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Intuitive Web Design Brings Clarity For a Complex HR Business

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Intuitive Web Design Brings Clarity For a Complex HR Business

One of the single most important resources that any company with an online presence has is its own website. Through the site visitors are able to connect with the business, learn what it has to offer, and ultimately take the next step into forming a partnership. For Southeast Texas HR, we knew that we would need to pull out all the stops, because a company with as much to offer as this one needed a powerful, compelling way to connect with the internet browsing public.

We re-structured the site and gave it a new, more modern look. The main page now features a scrolling, three-panel display that helps introduce visitors to what SETXHR is all about. Once users have been drawn in, we know that their time is valuable and that there is only a small window of opportunity to let them know more of the specifics. That is why below the scrolling panel we added a section with the six major things that SETXHR has to offer.

Dynamic Resources Call For A Dynamic Site

Going hand in hand with the need for a quality new website was the need for a site that utilizes responsive web design. Responsive web design allows users to access the site from a wide variety of different screen sizes, from mobile devices such as smartphones to tablets and iPads, and right on through up to traditional laptops and desktop computers. This means that regardless of the screen size, the site will dynamically adjust itself, displaying in the most attractive, useful way possible.

We felt that SETXHR would reap a significant benefit from a site with responsive web design because it would enable customers to access the site from whichever device is most convenient for them. It would also show that SETXHR is a cutting-edge company that cares about customer experience.

Quality Content To Educate Customers

Having a great looking, informative site with a convenient, dynamic responsive web design was only part of the equation we used for SETXHR. We also realized that to truly do their customers a service, we needed to educate them about the process and explain the resources and benefits that SETXHR has to offer. In order to accomplish this we also created some custom content that focused on some of the major aspects of the Human Resources Industry. We displayed the recent content updates prominently right below the services section so that they would be easy to find from the home page.

Additional Extras For A Complete Experience

Some additional extras we included are a testimonials section so that visitors can hear what other customers have thought of their experience with SETXHR as well as a latest tweets section to help build the buzz and allow people to easily hop right into a discussion. In fact we tried to make it as easy as possible for people to connect with SETXHR by listing the social media options right at the top of every page as well as creating a special “Connect with SETXHR” page. We greatly enjoyed working with SETXHR and we feel great about the services we provided them.