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High Quality TV Commercial Production: A Fresh Look at STI Group

sti group tv commercial

In our capacity as the agency of record for STI Group we are responsible for overseeing a full range of different marketing and promotional efforts in a timely, efficient manner with a minimal amount of stress to the client. Recently we faced one of our biggest challenges yet. However, it ultimately turned into an excellent opportunity to broaden our skills and experience and deliver even more value to our client. That challenge? We created a TV commercial for STI Group.

TV Commercial 1 of 2

TV Commercial 2 of 2

The Objective

STI Group has experienced an amazing level of growth and success in their thirty-five year history, going from a small metal shop in 1978 called to Southeast Texas Metal Works, into a huge national company with over 2,200 employees. Their growth has particularly escalated in recent years as the nation has experienced an oil and gas boom. However, strong and successful as their business has been, STI Group decided it was time to take things to the next level with even greater visibility and publicity.

They approached us with the idea of doing a high quality, professional TV commercial in partnership with a local production company, Josh Yawn Productions. They wanted something that would capture their identity as a company and highlight the services and benefits they have to offer new potential customers. They needed the commercial to have a original feel that was compelling and that would resonate with first-time viewers unfamiliar with the company. We knew that this was an excellent idea and we immediately dove in, gathering all the information and materials we would need and strategizing a game plan.

The Process

Before we could begin filming we naturally had to take care of many logistical and administrative aspects of the process. We needed to meet with the production crew, develop the overall concept and message, finalize the script and content, select the narrator, and arrange the schedule and other finer points. This proved to be a very involved process.

Once the preliminary steps had been taken and a filming location had been set, the most crucial phase began: filming. For the commercial we used all-new footage. No stock footage or scenes were used because we knew that one of our main objectives was to deliver a fresh, original aesthetic. We also went on-site with the filming and production crew so that we could monitor everything personally, provide creative direction, and ensure that nothing but the best made it into the final commercial.

The Results

The end results were excellent. The commercial was a huge success and it generated a great deal of positive publicity and awareness for STI Group. We were also pleased with the final cost and budget and we know that STI Group is happy with the value and results the commercial brought. We hope that you’ve had the opportunity to see the end product yourself on television.

This project was a challenge, but it was also extremely rewarding. We look forward to working on similar efforts for STI Group as well as other clients in the future and we are grateful for the chance to have developed an even wider arsenal of skills and experience.