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You Design It – 5 Years Strong and We’re Just Getting Started

You Design It was where we really cut our teeth in the online world. The core of the online-only business since day one was proprietary design software that allowed users to shop, design and purchase all on the site without have to deal with the headaches of the same process in the offline world. The needs of an online centric business required us to develop a holistic approach to marketing where we create traffic from all channels.

You Design It PPC Campaign

With 6-Digit Google Ad Spending Experience, ROI Is All About Optimization

In the beginning of our marketing efforts and traffic growth it was important to focus on Google Adwords as a revenue driving channel. It gets people in your “virtual doors” almost instantly. You can test your concept, create a revenue stream and scale up your traffic without having to wait for the organic rankings to kick in. With the proper tracking and account optimization…pay-per-click campaigns are a marketing necessity for ecommerce and lead generation.