Why Google Penguin May Be Your Worst Enemy

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In order to combat efforts by some individuals to post low-quality content on their websites and draw searchers in by placing random keywords and information on their sites, Google developed a program that is more commonly referred to as Penguin. Google is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the searching experience for their users, but many websites may not understand what they are doing to be penalized by this new program. Even those who are searching for ways to attract readers by following all the rules and using previously successful SEO techniques may be targeted by Penguin’s radar and creating a situation that is decreasing the hits on the website.

What Is Google Penguin?

Penguin is a program that focuses on pages that are over-optimized, and targets those websites that stuff their postings with keywords. Any anchor text that is overly optimized, or internal linking that seems excessively heavy will end up on Penguin’s radar, and may be penalized in search engine results. This is all in an attempt to ensure that Google search engine users are finding the most relevant sites for the information they are looking for. In the past, it was simple for websites to stuff their pages with certain keywords or phrases in order to bring in readers. With the development of Penguin, Google is raising the bar and expecting each website to provide high quality content for every reader that visits the site.

There are several things that Penguin looks for in a website that is well-developed and beneficial to readers. Websites that are hoping to maintain a high standing within the results on Google should post content that is original, and vary the posted content regularly to avoid posting the same things every day. Natural links should be included throughout the site in a way that benefits the reader. Good websites also avoid over optimizing pages, or stuffing them with too much information.

A good website will provide interesting and informative information to their readers, while still using SEO techniques in a way that benefits the website. At the crux of the issue comes the piece of truth that many websites must hear – it’s all about the quality of the content.

What Does Penguin Look For?

In order to avoid being penalized by Penguin, companies can avoid doing the following things when posting new content to their site.

  • Do not stuff keywords or keyword phrases within your posted content
  • Do not include links with the same anchor text
  • Do not spam through comments
  • Avoid using links that come from article directories or directory listings
  • Do not use links that are unnatural
  • Do not use an excessive number of links within your posts
  • All external links that draw viewers to your site should not have the same anchor text
  • Do not link with low quality sites

Each of these mistakes are things that will raise a red flag within the Penguin program, and your site will be flagged and penalized within the search engine results. Any successful business knows that this can be a deadly blow to a company that is hoping to stay relevant with Internet searchers.

Utilize Penguin To Improve Your Site

Each of the things that Penguin requires any website to avoid can give you a clue as to what things your users don’t want to see on your website. Penguin’s main goal is to provide the reader with a good experience, and guide them to quality information on the Internet. Penguin can give any website an outline of things that should be avoided, as the things that the program flags are all things that will send viewers away from your website. Smart companies and websites will roll with the flow, and take their cues from Penguin to improve any content that is posted for their readers to view

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