The Refinery is uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of high quality services to its clients. While these services will vary and be specifically designed with the needs of each client in mind, the general services can be broken up into three main categories.


The marketing division of our services will offer premier benefits in the areas of content strategy, lead generation, email campaigns, SEO, and social media development. These services will function as a way for our clients to reach more potential customers, generate higher quality connections, maintain a healthy bond with the already-established customer base, and even rank better with search engines such as Google.

The world of internet marketing is advancing at a fevered pace and staying ahead of the curve on any one of these services could potentially be a logistical nightmare for our clients. Let the trained staff at The Refinery shoulder this burden for you. Rest assured that as the marketplace evolves so too will our strategies and efforts.


The consulting division of our services is designed to relieve the pressures of day to day operations on our customers. In addition to the regular functions of your company, such administrative hurdles as CRM management, training, new CRM Implementation, application development, and other business processes are likely to crop up.

These obstacles can often bog down your productivity and prevent you from focusing on the actual nuts and bolts of your business. That is why The Refinery is pleased to offer highly skilled, resourceful solutions to these problems. Our staff can take over these functions for you so that you can get back to do the things that actually form the backbone of your company.

Design + Print

The Refinery has years of experience and firsthand knowledge of the design and print industry. If your business is like most, you will often find yourself in need of some promotional items, employee uniforms, or maybe even a brand new logo or other design. Rest assured that this is one of the areas in which The Refinery source truly excels.

We can handle your design and print needs in a fast, efficient, and cost effective manner. This will free you up from the headaches with can accompany these tasks for those who are less experienced in this area, thereby saving you not only considerable time and cash, but also alleviating your stress.

Though these three areas are our specialities and main categories of focus, we are a full service agency that will always go that extra mile to make our clients satisfied. If you aren’t sure if we can meet your needs, please contact us for more information and to let us know what you have in mind. We look forward to serving you!