Brand Creation

One of the most important and difficult aspects of marketing is brand creation that speaks the intended message both internally and externally. A strong brand gives a company a huge number of advantages in their industry. Often these advantages are very difficult to quantify and relate more to consumer trust and industry perception than to something which can be monetized. Yet anyone familiar with basic marketing concepts knows better than to discount the high worth of a favorable brand.

Our Branding Approach

There are many different components of a brand and as such any strategy for brand creation must address these varied components. Classification of the elements of a brand will vary considerably depending on the source used. In addition the different parts of a brand are frequently lumped together based on their nature such as physical, emotional, social, economic, etc. However, for the most part it is widely agreed upon that the most basic components of a brand are likely to include the following:

  • The company name and logo.
  • Popular slogans, mottos, or catchphrases.
  • The reputation and standing attached to the brand.
  • The trademarks, factories, physical and intellectual properties associated with the brand.
  • High profile people and/or products.

The main thing to understand about a brand is the way in which it influences consumers as well as others in the industry. If a brand is known for quality then any products released by the brand will typically be assumed to be of high quality even before an actual consensus has been made. If a brand is known for being affordable and high value then there is a chance that consumers may purchase products of that brand under this assumption even without shopping around for better deals.

Brands also have strength and standing within their own industries. The company that a brand represents will be perceived differently by its competitors based on how that brand is viewed. As such a brand can come to be seen as an industry leader, or follower, as an innovator or as me-too. Highly respected, well-established brands will likely be able to conduct more favorable business deals and can often capitalize on their intangible brand qualities.

Our Branding Experience

The Refinery is very experienced in brand creation and we understand that successful brand creation will need to take a multi-pronged approach. We will create a comprehensive, carefully planned strategy for our clients that will help them establish and develop their brand. We will also help ensure that their marketing initiatives are in line with the image that they want to portray with their brand and that all of their advertising efforts are working in synergy with each other.

The Refinery will also help ensure that your branding efforts are consistent across all platforms. Thus we can help you with all the various design aspects related to this multi-platform branding. We will make sure that your website, uniforms, packaging, physical location, advertising, etc. all combine to present a solid, unified effort in your overall branding strategy.