Content Strategy

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of content in an internet marketing strategy. Content is now one of the single biggest things that Google looks for in determining its rankings and content also provides a vital way to connect with your site visitors and turn that connection into sales. While once upon a time it may have been sufficient to regurgitate low quality content from other sources or to provide only thin, generic content, that will no longer work in today’s internet marketing world, in fact that will probably only hurt your efforts and could result in a penalty from Google.

There Is More to Content Than Just Writing

While many companies with a strong internet presence now understand the importance of fresh, high quality content, that doesn’t mean that they actually have the time or resources necessary to produce it. Creating good content takes time, not just in terms of the actual writing and posting, but also from the standpoint of research and brainstorming for ideas. That is where The Refinery Source can help you out tremendously. We can create a comprehensive content strategy for you that includes:

  • High quality, well-written, and well-researched content
  • Content targeted specifically for your industry and needs
  • Content that is updated on a regular basis
  • Content that is truly helpful and interesting to your site visitors
  • Images and graphics related to the article

Our editorial process keeps you involved at every step of content production from concept to outline to rough draft to the final published piece. We give you the opportunity to collaborate with us as much as you want to ensure the content is well written and relevant to your specific business needs. We keep a comprehensive content calendar on all of the proposed articles and schedule them for publishing weeks and even months ahead.

The Social Media Tie-In

Just publishing the content is only part of the integral process driving traffic to your site. It needs to be shared and announced to increase user engagement. We handle by using Facebook, Twitter, Press Releases, and Email Marketing. We want to get all the mileage possible from a written piece and make sure your brand is in front of every possible interested reader. Strong content makes you an authority in your industry and serves as a trust factor for potential customers and partners.

Does A Content Strategy Apply to You?

We can’t think of an industry that couldn’t benefit from some sort of content marketing. The days of having a website that consists of 5-10 pages doesn’t bridge the gap anymore. Your site won’t receive a lot of the long tail searches driving thousands of visitors from search engines like Google. You have to provide the information and keywords about your business to Google for the search engine to know what to serve you up for to potential customers.

The thing about a great content strategy is that it needs to be dynamic. It is not enough to put out one or two posts a month or to always write on the same topics in the same ways. The Refinery has the skills and resources necessary to provide you with a content strategy that is able to evolve and adapt as the landscape of internet marketing changes. Contact us for more information.