Email Marketing

Email was one of the first opportunities for online marketing and it is still one of the most effective ways to conduct an online marketing campaign. More people use email than any single social networking site and that is unlikely to change anytime in the near future. This means that email campaigns still have a huge potential for success based on the number of people they can reach making this means of communication one that companies cannot afford to ignore. And did you know running email marketing campaigns can be relatively cheap as well? It’s tough to beat a marketing strategy that costs little to nothing to run and has a huge potential upside.

However, despite the many benefits and considerable potential of email marketing campaigns it is not an endeavor that should be taken lightly. Spammers have given email campaigns a bad name and the last thing any reputable company wants to do is become associated with these methods in the minds of their customers. Furthermore, new laws regarding spamming and junk mail carry significant penalties and companies unaware about these changes could accidentally violate these laws despite their good intentions.

One crucial aspect of creating an effective email marketing campaign is figuring out what content to include in the emails. That can be a tough decision and once again it is very important to hit the right notes with customers so that your emails are seen as welcome and valuable versus annoying or spammy. Fortunately, The Refinery is here to help with this and other potential obstacles. Our marketing experts have the experience and knowledge necessary to conduct your email campaign for you. Take a look at some of the services we offer in this area:

  • Creation of Content for the Email
  • Help targeting and specializing the email to customers
  • Help with Email Newsletters and Announcements
  • List Management and Segmentation
  • Creation of Additional Content features such as Pictures, Graphics, Video, etc
  • Advice Determining the Frequency Rate of the Email Campaigns
  • Landing Page Creation for Lead Generation
  • Ability to oversee the separate email marketing components and assess the situation as it fits together in the larger context.

One of the main services that we provide in relation to email campaigns is monitoring their success and making changes as necessary in future campaigns. The insights gained through tracking this process can even help business in other ways as you learn more about your customers and what matters to them. With this information we are able to make each email campaign even more successful than the last and will also brainstorm for other ways in which your company can benefit from it.

Don’t let this valuable marketing opportunity go to waste. Rest easy knowing that our experience can give you the competitive edge against those in your market not utilizing these marketing channels. This gives you the opportunity to manage your day-to-day activities and operations concurrently with a successful lead generation campaign running to bring you more business.