Search Engine Optimization

One of the most fundamental aspects of online marketing is Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is commonly abbreviated. SEO refers to optimizing your site so that it ranks higher on the results pages of search engines like Google. This is a crucial step because many potential customers will never look beyond the first page of results or even the top few results. Thus ranking higher on the search page typically translates into more business and revenue for your company.

Execution Is Key

While nearly everyone with an internet based company, or a company with a strong internet based presence, understands the importance of SEO that doesn’t mean that many people actually know how to effectively manage it. Google and other search engines are continually changing their search algorithms in an effort to deliver high quality content to their users. That means that some SEO practices that were once beneficial may now be detrimental. It can be difficult to keep up with all of these changes and that is where The Refinery can help. Here is a sampling of some of the SEO services that we offer to our clients:

  • Researching and Identifying important keywords for your company.
  • Building an SEO strategy around improving rankings for these keywords.
  • Help optimizing page titles.
  • Reviewing your links to ensure that they are not bad or broken.
  • Improving your network of internal links.
  • Tagging images with searchable phrases.
  • Ensuring the anchor text for your links is natural and appropriate.
  • Staying informed on Google updates and how they will affect your company.

The Refinery will meet you at whatever level you are currently on with your SEO practices and will take you where you need to be. That means that whether your company has already begun to focus on SEO or whether it is something that you have been delaying we can help. We can also correct past SEO practices that might now be causing problems and turn them around to get you on the right track.

We can also help identify more systemic problems. For instance the search engine bots that crawl your site to get it indexed are unable to interpret content that is flash based. That means that if your site is heavily structured around this format, it may look great, but it will not be yielding the SEO benefits that you need. We can help you find alternatives that are in line with your style and focus.

Thorough Research

We conduct thorough research for all of our customers and can help identify SEO opportunities that may exist and be under utilized. For instance it is not uncommon for an industry to heavily saturate one particular keyword or phrase. Competition for this phrase would then be very fierce, but similar phrases may have much more rank growth potential and yet would still prove very profitable. We can find such opportunities and more for you.

For help with these and other SEO related services please contact The Refinery. Remember there is no shame in not understanding SEO or even in having waited until now to do something about it, but to continue to ignore or downplay the importance of SEO would be a very risky move. Let us handle your SEO strategy so that you can focus on business as usual.