Brand Creation

In the early days of the internet simply having a site and being able to connect with a new demographic of customers often gave companies an edge over their competitors who may have still been brick and mortar only. However, as the internet’s pervasiveness has increased to the point that nearly everyone is on it, so too has the likelihood that your competitors are also likely online. That means that it is no longer sufficient to merely have an website; it has to be a high quality, easy to use, sharp looking website that sets you apart from your business rivals.

The problem of having a truly revolutionary site is often compounded by the fact that your website may actually have indeed been cutting edge when it was first developed. Often this can make companies reluctant to upgrade because they feel that their page may still be of a quality that is high enough to render such an upgrade not worth hassle, cost, and risk involved. This is a natural feeling, but unfortunately it is often wrong. Even the best first generation website can benefit from the greater technology and resources available in today’s times. A revamp may also be necessary just to revitalize your site and prevent customers from viewing it as stale or outdated.

If you have realized that the time is now right to upgrade then you probably have a number of very important concerns. You need a website design company that can address these concerns and walk you through what to expect step by step. The Refinery has a great deal of experience with doing precisely that. We offer a full range of website design services and features such as:

  • An emphasis on making the site sleek, intuitive, and easy to use for visitors.
  • A passion for keeping the design harmonious and attractive.
  • Providing highly stable, secure websites that you can trust.
  • The ability to provide a private, login only section.
  • A dynamic design that interacts with users.
  • A knowledge of the latest trends and features in web design.

Our web design team not only has a background in this specific design area, but in design as a whole. This gives us the ability to see the bigger picture and to view things from multiple frames of reference. We also have a strong proficiency in the underlying mechanics and framework which enables us to work quickly and efficiently and to make changes as necessary.

Another great component that The Refinery brings to the table when it comes to website design is a background and knowledge of marketing as a whole. This ensures that we can keep your branding efforts consistent and design sites that are not only attractive, but more likely to make your site visitors buy, sign up, or perform the call to action that you are looking for. Please contact us so that we can discuss your design options and come up with a comprehensive plan that is specially tailored to your business.