Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange Texas is a market like no other. We have the diversity of refineries, legal, medical and numerous other industries that have felt a resilient insulation from the economic woes of the rest of the country. However, that fact doesn’t make working in the Golden Triangle any easier. Instead…it is quite the opposite. Being insulated from economic downturn make the Golden Triangle an attractive place for business for both employees and employers.

The right marketing approach can make the difference in helping you beat your competitors.

We use a data-driven approach to identify the most optimal medium for an effective marketing campaign. The approach could consist of digital, physical or a hybrid of both. We don’t create a one size fits all program because we track all outreach to prove the return on spend.


We have a diverse set of skills and resources which are designed to aide the diverse set of industries within the Golden Triangle. This list is by no means comprehensive, but some of the most common industry types that we provide services for include:


There is a thriving legal market in the area that provides excellent care to citizens within the Golden Triangle. Competition in this sector is fierce, but The Refinery has a well-practiced approach in this geographical area, including a knowledge of the unique issues attorneys face on a regular basis.


There is a huge industrial component to the Golden Triangle. This area was bred with an emphasis hard work and innovation. This makes it perfect for industrial companies and there are quite a few of them present. We can help your industrial company stand out and market itself in a rapidly evolving market.


The Golden Triangle is blessed to have such an amazing array of medical resources at its fingertips. The medical industry provides exemplary care. Let us provide that same level of service in our own given field. We can help nurture and heal a medical company that needs a little TLC, or we can also provide a regimen of care to inoculate a healthy company against illness.


This is a great place to be a retail customer or to be a business serving retail consumers. Shopping in physical locations will never go away and understandably this means that marketing can make the difference in getting the traffic in the door. We have the know-how to help you market your retail business directly to your target audience and in ways that will resonate with them.

Business to Business

If your company specializes in business to business sales we can help. We are well versed in the marketing needs of a B2B company. We can help you frame yourself in a professional, competent way that will make other businesses eager to interact with you and use you as a supplier or vendor.

Business to Consumer

If your business sells directly to consumers then we have you covered there as well. We do thorough research and carefully evaluate the specific interests and needs of your customer base so that we can help position your business as the best one to provide the merchandise and services that they need.