6 Popular Social Media Management Tools

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Effective social media management is one of the most important strategies a company can utilize to connect with customers and manage its image in the public perception.Even with dedicated social media managers on staff managing all of a company’s social media accounts, posts, mentions, friends, and followers it can easily become an overwhelming task. Fortunately, there are social media management software tools available to make the job easier and more efficient. These are our picks for 6 popular social media management tools that can have a major positive impact on a company’s social media strategy.


HootSuite is arguably the most popular social media management tool out there. It allows users to execute campaigns across multiple social media platforms, measure campaign results, track conversations, and collaborate with team members. It also provides analytics and works via the web or on mobile devices. This flexibility extends to its pricing structure as well. HootSuite offers a free version, a pro version, and enterprise options designed to suit the needs of individuals, small businesses, or even large corporations.


Crowdbooster focuses on Twitter and Facebook and is an excellent analytics tool. It allows for the scheduling of Twitter and Facebook posts and also tracks follower engagement, gives reminders about new fans and followers that have not yet been subject to outreach, and provides valuable metrics about when people are most likely to view images and video uploads. It even lists potential Twitter followers who may be interested in a company’s brand and products but not yet following.


Buffer is a great tool to quickly and easily schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. This allows companies to load their content to a bulk queue for posting at regular intervals without worrying about having to micromanage their accounts. Buffer also has several useful extensions for browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It even provides some analytics about post engagement. This is another very popular social media management tool that has both a free and pay plan.


TweetDeck is a wildly popular social media management tool that aggregates information from multiple social media accounts. It is one of the most popular social media management tools on the web, perhaps because it is also completely free and is operated by Twitter themselves. This makes it a fantastic tool to monitor Twitter posts and profiles. However, despite the name and the focus on Twitter, it also aggregates information from other social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and more. It is available on both Windows and Mac computers and works with various browsers.

Sprout Social

Like the other social media management tools in this list, Sprout Social also works with multiple different social media networks. It has a very user-friendly, sharp interface that is focused around a series of tabs: Home, Messages, Feeds, Publishing, Discovery and Reports. These tabs make it easy to focus in on the particular area of interest and to manage presence across multiple platforms at once. Sprout Social does not offer a free version, but has a three-tiered subscription pay structure.


SocialOomph brings users an integrated dashboard that combines networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and allows users to schedule their posts in one easy, centralized place. It also allows features such as tracking keywords, mentions, and retweets, as well as auto-following and auto-direct messages. It is an excellent tool for increasing social media productivity and like many of the others on this list SocialOomph offers both a free and paid version.

The software tools listed in this article will go a long way toward making a company’s social media campaign easier to execute and track. They will, however, only take users so far. The real key to effective social media management begins with identifying social media objectives and formulating a social media strategy that meets those objectives. Nevertheless, for companies that have already taken that important first step these tools can be invaluable.

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