Does Instagram Have Untapped Potential for Your Business?

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Instagram is one of the top social networking platforms in the world. It synergizes perfectly with the explosion of people taking selfies and there’s no doubt about its potential as a marketing tool when happy customers proudly post and share pictures of themselves with new products, or maybe even just the products by themselves. In fact Instagram can be such a successful business tool that the company launched a blog called “Instagram for Business” that is strictly devoted to helping companies increase their presence on the network.

However, savvy businesses understand that before they jump on the latest social media bandwagon, and invest their time and resources in the process, they need to carefully consider whether or not their company will get any value from the effort. So how do you know if Instagram has untapped potential for your business? While there are no cut and dried answers since it will vary from company to company it is useful to consider the following:

Consider Your Industry

One of your first major considerations should be what type of industry your business operates in. On the most basic level are you a B2B (business to business) company or a B2C (business to consumer) company? B2B companies deliver their goods and services to other companies while B2C companies deliver their goods and services to regular, everyday consumers. While it is absolutely possible for your B2B company to benefit from Instagram as well, there is no denying that B2C companies will likely find more potential.

Next, consider if your business is in an industry that lends itself toward photographic promotion and marketing. If your company is in a creative industry like design or fashion it will be much easier to market your business on Instagram than if you are in an industry that is more data driven such as I.T. or accounting. Likewise certain industries are simply more “photogenic.” For example if you are a baker or florist customers may flock to your updates and happily share them, but if you are in waste management or plumbing, don’t expect the masses to beat down your door for pictures on Instagram.

Consider Your Demographic

Another primary consideration is your demographic. Have you had any customers ask whether you have an Instagram or other social media account? While it’s certainly true that nowadays social media is prolific and has been adopted by people across all demographics, it is also true that certain segments of the population are more likely to use it than others. Where do your customers fall along that spectrum?

Consider Your Resources

Finally, consider whether or not you have the time and resources necessary to give your new Instagram the attention it needs without sacrificing day-to-day operations or more proven marketing efforts. Like most social media platforms Instagram is easy to setup and use, but may take considerable time to truly master and reap the most benefits. Do you have a dedicated social media person or team who can take on the challenge? Can you or others at the company do it? Would you have ways to promote your new account such as with contests, giveaways, or discounts to customers who follow, share, or like your posts?

Putting your company on Instagram is an exciting, potentially very rewarding prospect. However, before you take the leap make sure to determine if it is right for your business, and if you do decide to proceed make sure you do it with a smart game plan in place. The Refinery Source offers quality social media guidance. Contact us for more information.

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