How to Build Buzz on Twitter to Maximize Potential Reach

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Twitter is one of the major social network sites and it provides an excellent way for businesses to promote themselves to customers. However, building a buzz on Twitter is no easy process. In fact there are quite a few considerations to keep in mind and you must make sure to manage your Twitter account effectively to maximize its potential. In order to help our customers better utilize this great opportunity we have put together the following tips and suggestions for building buzz on Twitter.

Gain Followers

The first to building buzz and maintaining momentum on Twitter is logically to develop a base of followers in the first place. After all it won’t matter how great your content is, if no one is seeing it to begin with. There are quite a few strategies for gaining followers on Twitter. Let’s look at a few:

Have a Complete, and Compelling Bio
You want users to be able to quickly and easily get a feel for who you are and what you have to offer. Make sure that your profile is complete and that you have an interesting, compelling bio.

Add an Avatar
This is one of the simplest steps, but it should not be overlooked. Your avatar could be a photograph of yourself or a central person in the company, or it could be a picture of your logo or well-known product. Just make sure that the image is good quality and that it is suitable to represent your company.

Tweet Good Content Often
It isn’t enough just to tweet random comments or retweet low quality messages from other users. Instead you must weed out the boring and superfluous, and post only the best and most interesting content. When you retweet something make sure that it is truly something that your readers will like and benefit from. On the flipside it isn’t enough to make one or two good tweets a week. People checking your profile who are considering adding you might not bother if it looks like you are inactive. Instead try to tweet on a daily basis.

Get Retweets
The more retweets you get the more people are exposed to your name and thus are likely to follow you. Therefore it can be extremely important to get retweets because this builds a kind of snowball effect. To get retweets, occasionally include outright requests for them in your best and most interesting tweets. You should also include a Twitter widget on your web pages that make it easy for readers to share a link to your articles with their followers.

Build a Presence in Your Industry
People who follow your colleagues, or even your competitors are indicating a tendency to be interested in the same kind of content that you might be tweeting about. Thus it can be very helpful to follow these people, retweet their tweets, or generally engage in dialogue this particular group.

Build Momentum

Getting a strong legion of followers won’t do you any good if you cannot effectively maintain that momentum and turn it into something productive. The good news is that many of the strategies that helped you get your followers in the first place will help you keep them; however, there are additional techniques that you can use which will help you make even more progress.

Use Hashtags
Hashtags are a great tool to utilize. These hashtags help you classify what your tweet was about and that in turn makes it easier for people to find you based on their subject of interest. Hashtags also help you work toward the heavily coveted goal of trending on Twitter.

Trending on Twitter means that the topic in question is one of the top ten most discussed topics on Twitter. Twitter uses an advanced algorithm to determine what is trending as you can imagine having the topic appear right there on the homepage helps it build even more momentum and get even more views. The hashtag feature discussed above is very important to trending topics because when a topic trends, if a user clicks on that topic on the homepage, they will be shown a list of feeds discussing that topic, which are gathered based on the use of the hashtag. The bottom line is that together hashtags and trending go hand in hand and provide a very important goal.

Interact with Followers
To remain popular with your followers and ensure that they do no unfollow you, it is essential that you interact with them. You should monitor Twitter for comments and replies about you and you should be sure to respond and thank your followers, or address their concerns whenever possible. This interaction demonstrates to your followers that you care about their input and are actually paying attention. Another great strategy is to reply occasionally and thank them for retweets or other mentions.

Set the Right Voice
When it comes to using Twitter effectively, it is essential that you get your voice correct. You want to use language and words that appeal to your target audience and resonate with them. By the same token it is important to understand what type of tone your tweets are conveying. Are they light and playful? Heavy and serious? Informative? Sarcastic? The tone you’ll want to set is dependent on your particular industry and goal, but keeping that tone consistent is very important.

Time It Right
For the maximum results you’ll want to tweet when most of your followers are online and also most likely to click on any links that you might share. There has been a lot of conflicting data about when the best time to tweet is, but the most commonly supported time seems to be between 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. ET., and it is usually better to do it earlier in the week, such as on a Monday.

As you’ll notice, we said there was conflicting data, and that is indeed the case. This is probably due to the fact that different industries and companies have different target demographics. The good news is that there are several Twitter tools out there to help you pinpoint the precise best time for you to tweet based on your specific account. In addition it is always a good idea to test things out yourself. See what type of results you get tweeting at one time versus another.

We hope that this post has proven informative to you and that you have learned a lot of new things and thought of several new strategies for effectively building buzz on Twitter. One of the most important things to take away from all of this, is that being successful on Twitter is an on-going task. It is not something that you can just ‘achieve and forget about it.’ If you do your followers and interaction levels will gradually dwindle. Instead, it is imperative that you set up an effective, maintainable strategy that will see you through the long haul

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