Top 10 Social Media Sites Explained 10 Words Less

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By their nature social media sites and platforms occur in real time. However, this often extends beyond the simple posts themselves. Sometimes a new site seems to crop up over night and suddenly everyone is on it. Other times once popular services dry up and vanish seemingly on a whim. These qualities can make it difficult for even savvy, plugged-in media experts to keep up, much less figure out where to focus their company’s attention. To make the process a little easier we’ve put together a list of the top 10 social media sites and explained them microblogging-style: in 10 words or less.

  • Facebook – Profiles, feed, likes, and everyone from students, coworkers and grandparents.
  • Twitter – 140 characters: thoughts, status updates, photos, videos, #trending.
  • LinkedIn – Professional network with resumes, jobs, skills, influencers, and recruiters.
  • Pinterest – Pinboard collections, share interests, images and videos. Pin it.
  • Google+ – Circles and layers, +1s, hangouts and don’t forget YouTube.
  • Tumblr – Microblogging, tumblelogs, videos and pictures, dashboard, and tags organization.
  • Instagram – Photo-sharing in real time. Filters, Throwback Thursday, and selfies.
  • Flickr – Photography haven with albums, slideshows, tag clouds and easy sharing.
  • Vine – Twitter for video clips. Six seconds. Make them count.
  • StumbleUpon – Discovery engine. Recommendations based on interests. Toolbar Handy.

Naturally some of these social media sites will be more relevant to your business and your core demographic than others. However, making your company easy to find and engaging with customers in real time on the platforms they prefer will go a long way toward making your company their go-to for products and services. Remember the social media landscape shifts and evolves rapidly; don’t forget to update your approach and re-evaluate your strategy often. What worked in 2014 may not work in 2015 and there’s no telling what the future will hold in 2016.

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