Why Slideshare Must Be A Marketing Channel In Your Social Strategy

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Social marketing once represented a huge, untapped opportunity where companies could go to connect on a personal level with their customers in real time. It is certainly true that social marketing still represents a huge opportunity and still allows for personal, real time connection with customers. It is by no means still an untapped opportunity; the world of social marketing is now incredibly competitive and companies must find innovative, compelling ways to rise above the constant background din and give their target audience a reason to listen to their message. One possible solution: Slideshare.

What Is Slideshare?

Slideshare is a web-based, slide hosting service that allows users to upload their presentations in formats such as PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenDocument, etc. The presentation can be kept private, shared with particular individuals to facilitate collaboration, or made public to encourage mass viewing. Some commentators have even compared Slideshare to the likes of YouTube, saying that Slideshare is for slide presentations what YouTube is to videos. Obviously if this analogy holds true then Slideshare represents a massive slide marketing opportunity.

How Can Slideshare Assist with Social Marketing?

Slideshare offers is an excellent marketing resource for a multitude of reasons. First, according to traffic date on the site, every month Slideshare receives about 60 million unique visitors. That means it has a huge potential audience. Second, the demographic of Slideshare is very favorable to many companies. Slideshare boasts a high proportion of B2B users who are actively seeking high quality content for business purposes.

Next, Slideshare offers the capability of making content widely accessible and easily searchable thanks to its excellent tag search system. Users with the pro version can even add forms to their presentations to collect information about viewers. Slideshare also tracks data with its analytics, providing information about which presentations are the most popular, where viewers are being referred from and who the viewers are. This ability to search and aggregate data makes Slideshare a highly functional tool for research and the dissemination of data.

That data can also be presented in very attractive ways. Slideshare supports the use of basic images and audio, as well as all out video. It is also very easy to upload slide files and Slideshare features automatic formatting. It even pulls text from the slides to enhance searchability and SEO.

Like most other social platforms Slideshare allows users to connect with each other. Users can subscribe to Slideshare accounts, in many cases thereby beginning to build a strong relationship and bringing them one step closer to becoming customers or business partners. Slideshare also integrates with other social media sites, making it easy to connect with existing contact from a different platform. The Slideshare content itself can also easily be shared and linked to from other social networking sites. Most notable of course is Slideshare’s integration with LinkedIn, who now owns Slideshare and makes it easy for LinkedIn users to add slideshare presentations right to their profiles.

What Strategies Can be Employed to Maximize Results?

Like any social marketing tool, Slideshare is only as good as the content that is being posted on it. That is why following these tips will enhance the efficacy of Slideshare marketing:

  • Focus on high quality, useful content.
  • Be concise. Get your message across in a brief, direct manner that doesn’t waste viewers’ time.
  • Make your slides engaging. Slideshare has the capability to include very compelling video, audio, and images. Doing so will make your slides more attractive.
  • Use good tags. The better and more thorough your tagging system, the easier it will be for viewer to find you.
  • Catch errors. Avoid both simple mistakes like spelling and grammar errors that might turn viewers off, as well as more serious problems like inaccurate, poorly researched information.
  • Share your presentations. Take advantage of Slideshare’s easy synergy with other marketing platforms and use it to build momentum across multiple sites.
  • Include a call-to-action. Just as your other content should have a call-to-action, so too should your Slideshare presentations.

Remember that as with other social media strategies, your Slideshare campaigns should be viewed as marathons, not as sprints. Success may not come overnight, but establishing and maintaining a presence on Slideshare could have a huge payoff down the road. Getting in sooner rather than later will also give you a competitive edge over the competition.

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