9 Signs Your Site Needs a Redesign

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Deciding when to redesign your site is tough – do it too often and you may unintentionally alienate customers, wait too long and you may already be missing opportunities and costing yourself money. Optimal redesign frequency may vary considerably from industry to industry and will depend on a number of very individual factors. However, the following 9 signs are surefire indicators that it’s time to redesign.

Your Site Isn’t Converting

This is about the most obvious and important metric you can use to determine if it’s time to redesign or not. If your site isn’t actually converting any visitors or leads into customers then what’s it there for? Pay attention to your conversions and click-through rates. If your visitors are getting to the homepage then bouncing without going any further it’s a strong indication that something isn’t working and needs an overhaul immediately.

Your Site Isn’t Mobile Compatible

Another obvious indicator that it’s time for a redesign is that your site isn’t mobile compatible or doesn’t look very good on smartphones and tablets. The mobile revolution may seem sudden but it’s already firmly entrenched. Many people in the US nowadays are only accessing the internet from a smartphone or mobile device and some analysts are predicting that soon mobile traffic will eclipse that of desktop or laptop computers. Simply put if your site isn’t mobile compatible that’s an awful lot of eyes that can’t see you.

Your Site No Longer Reflects Your Brand

Most companies immediately understand that if the logo, colors, or other visual elements of their brand change that they need to also redesign their websites to reflect that. However, what some companies overlook is the fact that their brand or business may have gradually evolved yet still be using the old site. Is your website highlighting the products and services that most matter to your current business? Is it doing so in a way that is enticing to your current customer base? For example it’s a problem if your brand has shifted its focus to pennywise shoppers looking for great deals yet your website is still emphasizing luxury and indulgence.

Your Site Is Tied to Flash

For years Flash dominated the internet landscape. However, today fewer and fewer browsers are even supporting it. There’s a good chance that if your site is still using it your visitors are being prompted to install a plugin and quite possibly becoming annoyed – or just leaving – in the process. Flash also can’t be indexed properly by search engines, making it harder for potential customers to find you in the first place.

Your Site Is Slow

If your site is sluggish, slow to respond, or simply takes too long to load that’s another big red flag that something is wrong and needs immediate fixing. Slow sites were one thing in the age of dial up modems, but today’s internet user expects a site to load quickly, within 2 seconds or less. A study by KISSmetrics revealed that almost half of internet users will abandon a site altogether if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Your Site Is Tough to Find Through Google Searches

If your site doesn’t rank well on Google then that means fewer people are going to find you through internet searches. Part of the problem could be that your site was originally designed with an eye toward the SEO practices that ruled an earlier day. However, SEO has evolved quite a bit in the last couple of years and what once worked may now be painfully out of date. A redesign will allow an SEO optimization that could significantly improve your search rankings.

Your Site Is a Nightmare to Update

If your site is tough to update you may be even more reluctant to go for a full scale redesign; however, a tough-to-update site is also a sure sign that you need a redesign. Today’s content management systems (CMS) are easier to use than ever. A redesign now could save you untold hours of frustration during future updates.

Your Site Looks Out of Date

Even if your site isn’t experiencing any of the problems listed above if it hasn’t been redesigned in a few years there’s a good chance it simply looks out of date and may not be living up to its full potential. That’s because web design trends have changed rapidly in recent years as new capabilities have become available and aesthetics have changed. A site that looked great and was cutting edge only a few years ago may look almost comically old to today’s user.

Your Customers Are Demanding a New Functionality

Perhaps the best reason of all to redesign your site is because your customers are demanding it, or at least requesting a new functionality or feature that will call for a redesign. Remember your customers are the bread and butter of your business and if they aren’t getting the features they want from your site there’s a good chance they’ll bounce over to a competitor’s instead. Customer input is invaluable when it comes to deciding whether or not it’s time for a redesign.

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