Why We Love WordPress

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In the last ten years, posting thoughts and opinions on the Internet has become increasingly easier with new website development tools and platforms. Some of the more entrepreneurial individuals have turned their talents and writings into successful e-commerce sites to sell goods and services, and blogs for free expression of thought on matters ranging from the best type of diapers to civil rights. One of the most popular platforms used for blogging and for content management is WordPress. With so many options, it’s important that each individual understand the benefits of WordPress, and its features and benefits offered to anyone looking to create a successful website.

Easy To Use

Whether you are new at all things technological, or a computer expert, it never hurts to have a program or platform that is easy to use. With WordPress, this is exactly what you get. Time should be spent developing content and postings, and not focused on how to change the color of your background. With WordPress, each user will quickly pick up the skills necessary to create a functional website that draws in readers.

Installation And Upgrades

Along with being user friendly, WordPress is easy to install, and easy to upgrade. Keeping your system upgraded is essential to ensuring that your site works correctly and functions at any time it is accessed by your viewers. WordPress allows for easy installation and easy upgrades any time the program is redone in order to make it easier for you to create, and for your readers to access.

Credibility And Stability

WordPress is an established, proven, and effective platform for website creation. WordPress gives your website credibility within your community or target market.


WordPress is not limited to particular industries; all can benefit from this valuable platform. For blogs, content management, and even online stores, WordPress has applications for every type of business or personal use. WordPress can give a large corporation the tools to manage their website content, or for the small-town mom to sell her homemade goods online.

Plugin Selection

WordPress offers a huge selection of plugins for every user, including a directory of each plugin that can be rated, downloaded, and commented on by anyone with experience with the plugin. Each plugin that WordPress offers can help to make your site more functional. This goes back to the original benefit of this tool – making things more user friendly. Your goal is to create a simple yet interesting experience for each of your readers, and plugins allow you to do that. The variety of plugins available through WordPress is one of the biggest benefits this platform has to offer; from a plugin that allows you to import posts from Tumblr to one that allows you to create a community based social network.

Open Source License

People from all over the world currently work on this platform within WordPress’ open source license. You can create a website for a Fortune 500 company, or set up a fan page for your favorite pet, all with the same tools.

Variety Of Themes And Frameworks

With WordPress, you are virtually guaranteed that you can find the right theme and framework for your specific site. Creating a valuable experience for your readers includes creating a site that is enjoyable to look at, where all the themes and plugins flow together. For example, you wouldn’t use a contemporary theme or frame for a quilting blog. With the huge selection of themes and frameworks, you can find the perfect background and setting for your website with WordPress.


WordPress boasts one of the largest online communities on the web. Using WordPress allows you to connect with millions of others that are looking to achieve the same goals you are. Join communities and network with other individuals who can help you to promote your website and bring viewers to your blog or store.

Why You Should Check It Out

Check out all the the benefits yourself before making a choice for which tools to use to set up your website; the user-friendliness of WordPress alone should be enough to sell you on this popular platform. If you are looking for an easy way to set up a successful blog, store, or content management site, the benefits of WordPress may make a huge difference in your total viewership over time. Whether you are hoping to share popular recipes with friends, post important content and updates about your successful company, or sell a product, WordPress is a valuable tool in your chest of tools for success.

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