Salesforce Einstein Analytics Benefits for Sales Managers

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Salesforce Einstein Analytics has revolutionized the way sales managers view data. Sales managers can now view the big picture like never before by tracking year over year performance, pipeline management, and other key performance indicators. Let’s take a closer look at Einstein Analytics and how it benefits sales managers.

What Is Einstein and What Makes It Special?

Salesforce Einstein is a true deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI) platform that takes forecasting and predictions to the next level by progressively making itself more intelligent and proactively refining its suggestions based on new data. It gathers a massive amount of data from a full variety of sources, such as data entered directly into Salesforce as well as data from external sources. It then analyzes these data sets to identify intricate, meaningful patterns over time.

Einstein adjusts to changes and new data in real time. This ensures that if there is a sudden shift in the competitive landscape, a new product or technology comes out, or if larger world events affect the way consumers behave, Einstein can quickly and efficiently adjust its predictions and forecasts accordingly. Thus, sales teams are always ahead of the curve and can keep the company relevant and active in the minds of customers.

How Einstein Analytics Benefits Sales Managers

Salesforce Einstein Analytics analyzes vast data sets, gleans key insights, suggests beneficial actions, and automates tasks that used to require manual effort by employees. These benefits alone make Einstein Analytics an invaluable tool for sales managers in today’s competitive landscape, but let’s hone in on a few of the top benefits and what makes them important:

Pipeline Management – Understand the changes to your opportunity pipeline in real time. View new deals, deals that moved into or out of the sales period, and compare closed deals that were won vs lost. Identify trends in opportunity categories to help grow the sales pipeline and create an actionable list of opportunities to work all within the app.

Performance – Sales managers can monitor the overall pipeline and compare performance with goals throughout the sales period, then quickly drill down on individual team members to compare their performance to quotas. Leaderview dashboards give an high level view of KPIs and allow further exploration of the data to take action without leaving the app.

Forecasting – Forecasting benefits sales managers by helping them more accurately estimate sales and revenue. Sales managers can use forecasting dashboards to plan for the upcoming quarter or sales period and know when to expect deals to close. Sales managers can even set notifications when deals or pipeline number change.

Whitespace Analysis – Help sales reps focus their energy on the right deals by performing whitespace analysis in Salesforce Einstein Analytics. Identify what products have been sold to accounts and create opportunities based on the needs of that account.

The Refinery Source Is the Smart Choice for Help with Einstein

If you are a sales manager considering implementing Salesforce Einstein Analytics at your company, the Refinery Source can help. We offer a comprehensive suite of Salesforce implementation services that are tailored to fit the needs and priorities of each unique client. We’ll show you how to get the most out of Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

By Kevin Knight

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