10 Reasons You Should Be Using Salesforce For Your Business

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Salesforce is easily the most talked about, popular, and pervasive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service in the industry. Despite its notoriety, many companies who haven’t yet adopted it or a CRM at all are probably wondering what it can do for their business. The following is a list of the top 10 reasons you should be using Salesforce for your business. It was compiled by our clients, our own direct knowledge and experience, aggregating reputable, third-party customer satisfaction surveys, researching independent testimonials, articles, and blog posts from companies who are using Salesforce, and from with Salesforce and what it has to offer. So without further ado here are the top 10 reasons to use Salesforce for your business.

1) Salesforce Improves Customer Data Quality & Management – One of the core functions of all CRMs is data management about customers. Salesforce delivers in this crucial, core service by providing companies with a host of easy-to-use options to input and manage their customer data. Adding, removing, updating and sharing customer data is a breeze with Salesforce CRM.

2) Salesforce Improves Customer Service and Support – Another core function of any good CRM is that it will provide companies with an easy, sustainable way to improve their customer service and support options. Fundamentally CRMs are all about improving and managing the customer-business relationship and Salesforce delivers by increasing the efficiency, automation, and quality of customer interactions.

3) Helps Acquire New Customers – For a business to grow it must continually increase its customer base. Salesforce makes this possible by providing useful, informative reports and data about existing customers and by facilitating new sales and marketing campaigns. Salesforce even has options in place that are designed to slowly nurture a non-paying, lead relationship into a happy, satisfied, and paying customer relationship.

4) Increases Efficacy of Marketing Campaigns – Thanks to the reports and data that Salesforce delivers about marketing campaigns, as well as the many useful marketing and tracking apps available on the AppExchange, and how easily Salesforce integrates with a host of other platforms, services, and programs, Salesforce dramatically increases the efficacy, and the ease, of marketing campaigns.

5) Enhances Cross Selling and Up-Selling Opportunities – The traditional drawback to attempts made at cross selling and up-selling is that depending on how it is done and who the customers are, businesses run the risk of alienating existing customer relationships by appearing to be engaging in high-pressure sales that are intimidating or unwanted to customers. However, with Salesforce the data and reports delivered about customer demographics, past experiences, and other statistics, make it easy to see which customers will respond favorably to cross selling and up-selling and even appreciate the opportunity to be made aware of new goods and services.

6) Reduces Costs Associated with Sales, Services, and Marketing – Salesforce makes it easy to track which marketing campaigns are working and which ones aren’t. This means that costly, useless or near-useless campaigns can be jettisoned in favor of more lucrative approaches. By the same token the reduced effort and manpower associated with executing and tracking these campaigns will also save the company money and improve productivity.

7) Scalable As Business Size Changes – One challenge that many companies face as they grow their business, is that techniques that worked well for a small to mid-size company are not suitable for larger businesses. Fortunately all of the services and benefits of Salesforce are easily scalable to any size company, regardless of how many or how few customers, or employees the business has.

8) Increases Customer Satisfaction, Retention, and Loyalty – The benefits discussed above ultimately lead to much more positive customer interactions and thus also lead to greater customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Simply put, Salesforce CRM helps businesses earn the reputation as industry leaders in terms of customer satisfaction and experience.

9) Improves Mobility of the Business – Because Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM, and also because it integrates so well with a variety of platforms and works with all major operating systems and mobile devices, it is easy to use Salesforce while out of the office, whether because you are on a business trip or simply wanting to finish up a few things at home. This increased mobility will save you and your employees time and energy, while boosting productivity.

10) Increases Profit Margins – The reduction in costs, increases in efficiency, boosts in sales and customer satisfaction, and other benefits discussed above all ultimately lead to positive changes in one hugely important business metric: profit margins. Salesforce will help your business maximize the value and experience of each customer interaction while increasing productivity, and minimizing operating and marketing costs.

Need more reasons to consider using Salesforce for your business? Salesforce is also consistently ranked very well in terms of ease of use, ease of implementation, customization, and administration. A recent survey showed that 91% of Salesforce users would refer Salesforce to a colleague and 66% of Salesforce users already had. The bottom line is that the benefits of using Salesforce for your business are many and varied, regardless of your particular industry or company size. We’d like to learn more about your business.

By Kevin Knight

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