12 Popular Software Integrations To Connect to Salesforce

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Salesforce is the cloud-based CRM that has completely swept the industry and revolutionized the way companies handle customer interaction and daily operations. Salesforce has an abundance of highly effective tools and features which boost productivity and make life easier for its users. However, as great as Salesforce is, it cannot do everything and sometimes people simply prefer to continue using the programs and services they are familiar and comfortable with. Fortunately there is a solution that brings together Salesforce’s state-of-the-art cloud services and third party programs: software integrations. Let’s take a look at 12 popular Salesforce integrations across multiple categories.

Social Integrations

Social media has allowed companies to interact more personally and more immediately with their customers than ever before. Fortunately Salesforce offers a great set of social resources, including a specialized Social Cloud, which aggregates social content across platforms. However, for customers who want an integrated approach the following integration apps available in the AppExchange are highly effective.

Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook

What Are Twitter and Facebook? – Twitter is the massively popular microblogging social network that allows users to post short updates in 140 characters or fewer. Meanwhile Facebook is the ubiquitous social network that has completely changed the way people interact with their friends and family. Together these social networks are leading the social revolution and changing life as we know it.

The Integration – The two-in-one Salesforce integration allows users to track both social behemoths in one convenient place within Salesforce. Companies can monitor what customers are saying, connect directly with those customers, promote their brands and services, and generally analyze their overall social media progress.

LinkedIn Integration

What Is LinkedIn? – LinkedIn is a social network site targeted for professionals and with a focus on business networking. LinkedIn encourages its users to connect with their colleagues, power their careers, and learn and share information. LinkedIn is rapidly becoming the go-to place for recruitment and job searching.

The Integration – This LinkedIn Salesforce integration automatically syncs LinkedIn contacts with Salesforce and captures leads. It also saves LinkedIn messages to Salesforce and allows users to manager their LinkedIn accounts directly through Salesforce.

Finance Integrations

A big part of customer relationships is the actual exchange of money. After all, this is what makes the customers customers in the first place. Salesforce has solutions for all aspects of CRM including the all important finance department.

Salesforce Integration for QuickBooks

What Is QuickBooks? – Quickbooks is the widely-used software created by Intuit which empowers companies with everything they need to run the financial aspect of their business. Quickbooks allow companies to send invoices, accept payments, scan receipts, track sales and expenses, pay employees, and work with accountants.

The Integration – The Salesforce integration allows companies to seamlessly sync and share information between Quickbooks and Salesforce. There is no need to enter any information twice. Instead information entered in Salesforce is shared with Quickbooks and vice versa.

Dime for CRM

What Is Dime for CRM? – Dime for CRM is an app that provides integration for Xero. Xero is a global leader in online accounting software with a strong presence on the Cloud. Its primary focus is in saving time and cost associated with accounting processes for small businesses worldwide.

The Integration – Dime, the software integration for Salesforce and Xero, facilitates complete synchronicity between Xero and Salesforce. It allows contacts to be synced and shared and invoices can be created in Xero based on Salesforce information. PDF invoices can also be retrieved from Xero and stored in Salesforce for later use.

Mail Client Integrations

Often one of the biggest hurdles to get over when it comes to companies and employees adopting a new service is their close attachment and comfort with a particular mail client. Business professionals are heavily tied to their email and the idea of cutting ties with it can be anxiety producing. Fortunately with these great Salesforce mail client integrations, there is no need to.

Outlook Integration

What Is Outlook? – Outlook is Microsoft’s very popular and widely used email client which also includes a calendar, contact manager, task manager, and related services.

The Integration – The Salesforce integration seamlessly integrates with Outlook with Salesforce and allows Salesforce users to sync contact and account information and access the Outlook calendar and task manager.

MailChimp for Salesforce

What Is MailChimp? – MailChimp is an email client which was founded in 2001 and now has over 3.5 million users. It’s tagline is “Send better email” which it facilities though its high quality features and services.

The Integration – The Salesforce integration allows users to access their MailChimp accounts through Salesforce. Users can sync data, manager subscribers, create custom queries and more.

Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts for Salesforce

What Are Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts? – Gmail is Google’s native email client. It boasts excellent spam protection and a host of great features. The calendar and contacts aspect of the service keep information orderly and aid productivity.

The Integration – The Salesforce integration provides users with a way to save Gmail information and attachments in Salesforce, sync data and add new contacts, and much more.

Administrative Tools Integrations

Salesforce is all about ease of administration and providing tools and support that make running your business easier. That is why it is no surprise that Salesforce also integrates smoothly with other programs and services designed to facilitate ease of use and enhanced administrative function.

Apatar Open Source Integration

What Is Apatar? – Apatar is an open source and data integration software application project. It operates across different platforms as a desktop data integration tool. It provides connectivity to a variety of different databases, applications, protocols, files that allows users to create data integration.

The Integration – The AppExchange app brings with it the power of Apatar. It boasts free integration software with 50-seconds installation and documentation.

Inforce -Salesforce integration and functionality for Infor ERP customers

What Is Infor ERP? – Infor Back Office is an ERP (enterprise resource planning) tool that assists customers with administrative functions such as cost accounting, payroll, human resource, time sheets and attendance and related functions. It offers a suite of different products based on the customer’s needs.

The Integration – The Salesforce integration connects Back Office directly to the Salesforce Sales and Salesforce Service cloud so that the two systems can sync and share data and users can benefit from the resources of both.

Desk.com for Salesforce

What Is Desk.com? – Desk.com is a customer service tool distinct from but offered by Salesforce. It aggregates email, social, chat, and phone customer contact into one universal inbox so that users can connect with their customers regardless of where the customers are and what communication method the customer is using.

The Integration – Desk.com for Salesforce combines the power of Salesforce with the convenience and integration of Desk.com, allowing users to maximize their productivity and efficiency.

GoToAssist Corporate Integration for Salesforce

What Is GoToAssist? – GoToAssist is a service tools that allows companies to offer real time, live support and assistance their customers remotely. The tool allows the user to access computers and handle issues without being onsite.

The Integration – Salesforce is already highly optimized for service and customer support. The GoToAssist integration combines these two powerful customer support resources and enables the customer service agent to provide even better customer support.


What Is Drive? – Google Drive is the cloud based suite of office related products such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms. Drive allows users to access their documents from any internet-connected device any time of the day or night. It was previously called Google Docs by Google.

The Integration – Salesforce has some storage limits in place, but Google Drive does not. The integration allows users to benefit from the limitless capacity of Google Drive and also allows for easy continued collaboration on projects and tasks with coworkers.

These 12 popular software integrations allow companies to continue using their favorite programs even after adopting Salesforce CRM. Additionally they empower users with even more functionality and resources. All are available through Salesforce’s AppExchange and be sure to keep an eye out for other Salesforce integrations for your own particular favorite programs.

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