14 Reasons You Should Attend Dreamforce 2014

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Salesforce is holding its annual Dreamforce conference on Monday, October 13th through Thursday, October 16th in San Francisco. Thus with the event coming up so soon and its high profile in the tech, sales, and customer service arenas, business people from all of the country and in a variety of industries are likely debating whether or not to attend. If you’re one of the people on the fence about attending, then obviously that’s a decision you have to make for yourself. However, here at The Refinery Source we are excited about going and we have put together a list of the 14 top reasons to attend Dreamforce 2014.

14) Dreamforce Is a Major Source of Inspiration

Salesforce, and by extension Dreamforce, is all about inspiration and all about making life better for customers and company staff by finding innovative ways to manage the flow of business. Dreamforce is a creative mixing pot where ideas and inspiration flourish.

13) Dreamforce Will Expand Your Knowledge

Going hand in hand with inspiration is Dreamforce’s bountiful offering of information and knowledge. Obviously much of the information presented at Dreamforce will be directly related to Salesforce. However, with so many creative, talented people, informative panels, and high-caliber programs, knowledge and learning of all types from general business practices, management styles, and even life philosophy will be in abundance.

12) Dreamforce Is a Great Opportunity for Networking

Dreamforce draws top executives from companies all over the country. It also attracts new up and comers who will represent the next generation of leaders. It almost goes without saying that Dreamforce is a great place to network.

11) Dreamforce 2014 Will Be Held in a World-Class City

Another major draw of Dreamforce 2014 is that it will be held in San Francisco, one of the nation’s most beautiful, culturally rich and diverse cities. Do yourself a favor and take the opportunity to check out the city’s renowned restaurants, museums, and landmarks.

10) Dreamforce Gives You Access to Thousands of Experts

Dreamforce 2014 will feature over 1,450 expert-led sessions. This is in addition to the non-featured experts who will simply be in attendance. This is the perfect opportunity to pick the brains of leaders in your field while in a relaxed, thriving environment.

9) Dreamforce Provides an Inside Look at How Successful Companies Use Salesforce

Salesforce has revolutionized the way countless major companies do business. Dreamforce 2014 will feature a Customer Success Showcase that will provide an inside look at what these companies have done right. This is your chance to learn from their success and apply the results to your company.

8) Dreamforce Reveals an Exciting First Look at Innovative Products

Dreamforce 2014 will also feature product keynotes and demos that will reveal an exciting first look at new innovations in Salesforce. This is your chance to get a head start by planning the ways these new innovations can benefit your coworkers and customers.

7) Dreamforce Visitors Are on the Cutting Edge

Salesforce is on the cutting edge of innovation, technology, and business, and so too are the people who attend Dreamforce. Everyone wants to stay relevant and up-to-date in their industries and there are few better ways of doing that than by attending a cultural event at the forefront of innovation and trends.

6) Dreamforce Is an Intersection of Technology and Medicine

Dreamforce 2014 will also feature lectures given by medical experts from the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF). These experts will discuss exciting topics such as how video games can improve cognitive abilities, how DNA tests can detect infectious diseases, and how prenatal chemical exposure may affect child development, to name just a few. In many ways Dreamforce is at the intersection of technology and medicine.

5) Dreamforce Is a Breeding Ground for New Ideas

What happens when you get thousands of industry-leaders from an array of diverse businesses under one massive roof? Groundbreaking new ideas for one. The differences in background and perspective combined with general talent and insight create the perfect environment for new ideas.

4) Dreamforce Has Hands-On Training Sessions and Certification

Dreamforce 2014 will also feature hands-on training sessions taught by the most qualified and knowledgeable Salesforce experts in the world. It will also offer the opportunity to take the exam to become a Certified Administrator. What better way to tout your new status than by pointing out that you gained your credentials at Dreamforce itself?

3) Dreamforce Gives Back

Salesforce and its Dreamforce exhibition is also about giving back, both in terms of monetary donations as well as community service. Going to Dreamforce 2014 and supporting these efforts is a great way to do something positive, and socially responsible.

2) Dreamforce Is Free

The Dreamforce Expo+ Pass grants free access to keynote speeches, product demos, networking events, and more. If you choose to attend under the paid program you unlock even more value and more opportunities to see a return on your investment. Free or paid, Dreamforce 2014 offers excellent value.

1) Dreamforce Is Fun!

One of the best reasons to attend Dreamforce 2014 is because it will be a lot of fun! It’s an opportunity to get together with like-minded peers and discuss topics you are passionate about. Dreamforce 2014 will also feature amazing keynote speakers such as Hillary Rodham Clinton, Al Gore, Ariana Huffington, Neil Young, and Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce. Finally, it will feature musical performances by Bruno Mars and Cake.

Here at The Refinery Source we look forward to attending Dreamforce every year. We are confident that this year will be one of the best and we can’t wait to get there and witness the energy, creativity, and excitement firsthand. We hope to see you there.

By Kevin Knight

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