4 Must Have Apps for a Salesforce CRM Administrator

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The job of a Salesforce administrator is often very challenging. It involves a great deal of time spent maximizing Salesforce CRM’s productivity and benefits, while minimizing inefficiencies and overcoming obstacles. A great Salesforce administrator will not only need to know how to effectively manage the CRM itself, but they will typically spend a good bit of time helping coworkers familiarize themselves with the service and integrate it into their work routines. In order to meet these challenges, a successful Salesforce administrator will need to utilize the best tools at his or her disposal.

Fortunately, Salesforce offers a range of effective, highly efficient tools in the form of apps. Salesforce is so committed to empowering administrators that it even offers a category of apps in its AppExchange called “Admin & Developer”. The sheer volume of apps available can make finding relevant selections a difficult and time-consuming process; so we’ve created a shortlist of our top four recommended apps for a Salesforce CRM administrator.

1) FormAssembly

What it is: FormAssembly is an app that allows users to create a wide variety of forms such as surveys, registration forms, order forms, contact forms, data-entry forms, and many more. The app is highly customizable and does not require the user to know HTML or any type of programming or coding.

How it Helps: FormAssembly fully integrates with Salesforce, allowing the information gathered from the form to be automatically associated with the Salesforce database, removing the need for individual entry. Because FormAssembly has such a wide range of applications it is likely to benefit Salesforce administrators directly on a regular basis, while also providing an excellent, consistent Salesforce-compatible tool that they can recommend to co-workers in other departments to help them solve their own issues.

2) Mass Update And Mass Edit From List View

What it is: This is a very simple app designed by Salesforce Labs and offered for free in the AppExchange. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity and complementary nature, this is an extremely functional, backbone type of app that all Salesforce Administrators should consider adding to their arsenal.

How it Helps: Mass Update And Mass Edit From List View allows users to make multiple selections from a list and then update or edit them as needed rather than doing each one individually. This is a time-saving, productivity booster plain and simple with an almost endless number of possible uses.

3) Salesforce CRM Dashboards

What it is: Salesforce CRM Dashboards is another free app designed by Salesforce Labs and offered for free in the AppExchange. It is a Salesforce dashboard tools with specialized dashboards for company executives, sales reps, customer service reps, and more with specialized tools for each.

How it Helps: Salesforce CRM Dashboards is a great way for Salesforce Administrators to get their bearings when they are just starting out. The dashboards are highly functional, intuitive, and easy to use. That means that administrators can quickly master them and then show the relevant departments the best way to use them to maximize their own productivity and begin to get familiar with Salesforce.

4) Field Trip

What it is: Field Trip is so named because it is designed to send unnecessary fields on a permanent field trip. This is another great, free app from Salesforce Labs that is available on the AppExchange. It allows administrators to analyze the overall usage of various fields.

How it Helps: It is not uncommon for a data field to outlive its usefulness or to have been created with the best of intentions but ultimately seldom or never incorporated into the mix. Its continued presence can clutter up forms or even cause the field capacity to reached, thereby filling up a valuable slot that could be better used for something else. Field Trip allows administrators to identify and remove these unneeded fields.

You will notice that our four selections are all apps with a broad range of applicability and usefulness. The job of different Salesforce administrators will vary from company to company, but regardless of specific industry focus, these four must-have apps offer something for everyone. Additionally three of these four apps are completely free and the fourth app offers several different pricing plans to allow for the best value. That is because the last thing we want to do is recommend expensive apps that may be too specialized to help in your particular situation. We think that you will find these four must-have apps as useful and valuable as we have.

By Kevin Knight

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