The Most Popular CRM’s and How They Will Improve Your Sales Team

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As more and more companies rely heavily on innovative software to manage their daily business tasks, customer relationship managers (CRMs) are becoming increasingly popular. With this increasing popularity comes increased competition. With so many quality CRMs available, it can be difficult to select the one that would best complement your company’s needs. Understanding customer relationship management software can help you make an educated decision for your company.

What is a CRM?

Customer relationship management is a key component in the communication process between organizations and their client base. Standard CRM software allows the company to synchronize and track its contacts with prospective and current customers. They are able to store vital customer information, as well as customer interactions that can be retrieved by any department within the company. From front office contacts, back office contacts and business contacts, a good CRM will keep track of them all.

How does a CRM work?

There are three main components to a successful customer relationship management software program.

  • Customer Service: This function represents the processes that interact with the customers. It allows your business to sell services and products to your customers, and communicate with them in regards to marketing and after sales service.
  • Sales Force Automation: This function allows sales teams to record customer interactions and note if follow up is needed. Keeping this information organized will prevent duplication of effort on the part of the sales team.
  • Campaign Management: Using customer information, the sales team may organize a campaign which distributes key marketing materials to targeted customers.
  • What are the benefits of a CRM?

    After a company has incorporated a CRM into daily business, it is often wondered how they ever survived without this essential technology. Here are just some of the many benefits of adding a customer relationship manager into your company:

    CRMs make it possible for a company of any size to sell the right product to the right customers at the perfect time. They can help to maximize sells by recognizing developing trends for particular customers.

    • By customizing a customer database, CRMs can help companies to understand the buying habits of the customers. They can distinguish loyal return customers and determine what products they like to buy and when.
    • Businesses are able to design special promotions for targeted audiences based upon this information.
    • Companies can develop a customer feedback program in order to tailor their services to the customer’s preferences.

    Popular CRMs

    • Salesforce: This Cloud-based CRM operates through the internet and requires no software hardware. Salesforce contains a content library perfect for organizing presentations. It also has a collaboration application with mobile access for employees.
    • Relenta: Relenta is tailored for small businesses that like simplicity and clean designs in their management systems. With a simple click of the button, you can update contacts, delegate tasks and create lists.
    • CenterBase: CenterBase is known for its easy accessibility from your PDA, smartphone or PC. Its easy-to-use format can be used in the Cloud or on standard software formats.
    • InfusionSoft: Specifically designed for small businesses, InfusionSoft is a combined CRM tool with email marketing capabilities. Businesses can customize messages to target audiences based on their interests, purchase history, or preferences.
    • WORKetc.: WORKetc helps to organize your daily business tasks, such as managing customer support, tracking billable time, invoicing, and marketing. Employees can then access the information through a single interface.
    • EssentialCRM: EssentialCRM has amazing organizational skills and can help a company grow by focusing on certain target groups and their purchases.
    • ProphetCRM: This software program offers customizable reports, status updates, and automated workflow follow-ups to make your business run smoothly.
    • Base CRM: This innovative CRM offers minimal effort with maximum results. Not only does it have mobile access, but it offers Cloud computing and big-data analytics as well.
    • CapsuleCRM: CapsuleCRM offers easy-to-read contact pages, and the ability to track deals, proposals and bids. It also has a convenient calendar, task manager, and customizable groups.
    • SalesNexus: SalesNexus is a personally designed program that allows transfer of all ACT! Files. Since your business is unique, SalesNexus allows you to customize your CRM to fit your individual business needs.
    • Customer relationship managers can help your business reach its maximum potential. With the growing popularity of this amazing software, it may soon be a requirement to utilize a CRM in your business in order to keep up with the competition. Find out more about CRMs and learn how they can benefit your business. By understanding the different types of CRMs, you can better select the perfect software program to ensure your company reaches its personal best.

      By Kevin Knight

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