The Power of Automated Marketing

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Automated marketing refers to a type of marketing that does not require active human involvement to perform at each interval. Similarly, marketing automation software can automate processes like sending emails, posting articles, or releasing content on social media. There is of course an initial setup involved in automated marketing and the marketing materials themselves still need to be created by employees; however, many of the most time consuming and repetitive aspects of releasing, managing, and following up with customers can be fully automated.

The Benefits of Automated Marketing

Automated marketing offers numerous outstanding benefits compared to performing the same marketing campaigns in a fully manual way. Some of these benefits include the following:

Automated Marketing Reduces Costs – In particular automated marketing reduces labor and productivity costs as it removes the need for active involvement by an employee. Many of the types of marketing performed by automated marketing are also free or very low costs like email or social media.

Automated Marketing Frees Up Employees РMarketing teams should consist of highly talented, creative individuals. These people’s time is thus much better served creating new campaigns and brainstorming for new ideas rather than following up with mundane but important marketing processes that can be easily automated.

Automated Marketing Keeps Companies Visible – Automated marketing also allows companies to be much more consistent with their marketing strategies. This keeps them more visible in the competitive landscape and more present in the minds of customers. By contrast even a skillful, committed team doing things manually might struggle to meet the same level of consistency and volume made possible by automated marketing.

Automated Marketing Can Target Customers – Even the best marketing strategy will be ineffectual if it catches customers at a bad time. However, automated marketing can be highly targeted and refining, appealing to different demographics or even particular individuals when they are most likely to buy. It can also market the right products and services to the right people.

Automated Marketing Integrates Well with Broader Events – Automated marketing can also be setup to synergize with other company events such as new product releases, sales and promotions, or holiday specials. Automated marketing allows companies to seamlessly create a cohesive marketing front to customers that builds on other events occurring.

Automated Marketing Is Highly Versatile – Finally, automated marketing is a highly versatile process that can be adjusted as needed based on market conditions or new metrics and research. It allows companies to easily pivot into and out of marketing campaigns at the optimal time or to increase or decrease marketing volume and frequency as needed.

Automated marketing can easily be integrated into various CRMs like Salesforce that help improve customer experience, boost productivity, and reduce costs. It is a low cost, versatile tool that can increase customer engagement and eliminate many of the most repetitive and error-prone aspects of traditional marketing. The Refinery Source can show companies how to maximize the power of automated marketing and create automated marketing campaigns that yield the best bang for the marketing buck.

By Kevin Knight

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