How Salesforce Makes Data Integration and Management Easy

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Advances in technology, cloud computing, and CRM software have created unprecedented opportunities for companies to maximize every customer relationship, increase employee productivity, and facilitate easier collaboration. However, one of the biggest obstacles to the adoption of CRMs is the perceived burden of implementing the system and integrating existing data from legacy systems with the new CRM. Fortunately, the most popular and successful CRM, Salesforce, makes data integration and data management extremely easy and painless.

How Salesforce Makes Data Integration Easy

Data integration is the process of compiling and transferring data from an existing legacy system into Salesforce. This process can be daunting to many companies because they may have years or even decades worth of data accumulated and it is crucial that it be accurately and completely integrated into Salesforce. However, Salesforce makes data integration easy thanks to the following functionalities:

  • Salesforce Data Loader – Data Loader is a powerful client application that was designed for the bulk import and export of data. It can be used to insert, export, delete, or update records by extracting data from comma-separated values (CSV) files or from a database connection. It can handle massive files with up to five million records! It also features an easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Salesforce Schema Builder – The Salesforce Schema Builder helps simplify integration tasks by allowing users to quickly and easily modify their object model or schema, customizing it accordingly to fit the type of data and data layout that they need for the best functionality.
  • Salesforce Visualforce – Salesforce Visualforce provides an integrated user experience that allows companies to bind data components like text boxes with particular fields like the customer’s name. Whenever a user saves one of these values it is automatically saved in the database.
  • Salesforce Web Services – Salesforce also provides a wide array of various web services that can further assist with data integration. These web services may be extremely specialized to reflect the particular needs and priorities of a given company and their data integration project.

How Salesforce Makes Data Management Easy

Integrating data is only half the battle. The data must also be well managed to ensure that it is readily available, useful, and accurate. Salesforce also makes the process of data management easy by providing the following benefits:

  • Salesforce makes it easy for employees from different departments to collaborate, share, and update data on the fly.
  • Salesforce provides cutting edge data security and a comprehensive array of privacy settings that ensure that customer data remains private and secure and that only people who should have access to it can see it.
  • Salesforce can be quickly and easily customized to fit the type of data being entered. For example new fields and objects can be added and removed as needed.

Salesforce makes data integration and data management an easy, intuitive process. However, implementing Salesforce and integrating the data may still require experienced, expert oversight to ensure that process goes smoothly and that company personnel understand how to use Salesforce and make the most of its high level functionality. The Refinery Source provides Salesforce implementation and data integration services.

By Kevin Knight

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