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Companies are continually looking for ways to ensure that their sales and marketing teams are working together efficiently and that they are reaching customers and potential customers at the right time in the sales cycle and with the right message. With so many variables at place this can be tricky. However, Salesforce Marketing Cloud makes it easier to track customer interaction, personalize your company’s marketing approach, and gain clear insights into growth opportunities.

What is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive marketing platform that offers tools for social media marketing email marketing, mobile content delivery, and more. It features an integrated connection with other Salesforce platforms such Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, helping companies interact with customers in meaningful ways at the right time on the sales journey. The result is an increase in conversions and sales revenue.

What Salesforce Marketing Cloud Can Do For You

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help your company increase its marketing reach and efficacy in a variety of ways thanks to the powerful tools the platform delivers. For instance, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you…

Develop Your Marketing Audience – Audience Builder helps your company collect data about customers that you can use to organize them into audiences. This in turn allows you to market to each audience based on that group’s particular needs and interests.

Personalize Your Customers’ Experiences – Personalization Builder helps you construct customer profiles based on customer interaction data. This allows you to boost customer engagement by providing personalized content and product recommendations based on a customer’s search habits or other key metrics.

Receive Insights in Real Time – The Analytics Builder tool allows you to glean insights about your customers in real time. You can quickly and easily build advanced reports, create strong data visualization, and develop strategic goals – all on the fly, allowing you to react to data more quickly.

Manage Content Seamlessly – Content Builder enables you to manage all of your company’s content in a single centralized location with tagging capabilities and advanced search options. This helps relieve the strain of managing content across multiple platforms and ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.

Customize the Customer Experience – Journey Builder allows you to customize and automate a customer’s journey through the sales lifecycle. You can add triggers that send them personalized emails, deliver targeted ads and mobile notifications, or even open real-time chat windows so that your customer service team can assist them.

Collaborate Across Departments – Marketing Cloud Connect makes it easy for your sales team, marketing department, or service team to collaborate and share crucial information and data about customers. This improves the customer experience and gives them a more positive, consistent experience as they interact with different departments within your company.

Get the Most Out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

To get the most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud we recommend that you observe the following best practices:

Prepare – Before you start using Salesforce Marketing Cloud be sure that you are aware of both your short-term and long-term objectives for the platform. That way you can measure success and develop benchmarks to ensure you are on the right track.

Audit – Before implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it is important to conduct an audit of your existing marketing system so that you can identify areas that can be improved with Marketing Cloud and develop a personalized implementation plan.

Profile – The level of personalization offered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of its strongest benefits. To make best use of that personalization, make sure to develop thorough customer profiles and understand what factors affect them along the customer journey that you can address with your new marketing tools.

Engage – The key to success with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is getting your team excited to use it. Engagement is crucial for improving adoption rates. Make sure that key personnel are thoroughly trained in how to use Marketing Cloud and that they understand the benefits it provides.

The Refinery Source Can Help

These general best practices are a great starting point for getting the most from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. However, every company is different and has different customers, needs, priorities, challenges, and opportunities. The Refinery Source works closely with clients to develop a customized plan to help them leverage the full power and value of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

By Kevin Knight

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