Maximize Pardot by Evaluating Prospects

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Salesforce Pardot is a powerful B2B (business-to-business) marketing platform. It is designed to increase efficiency and efficacy of a company’s sales and marketing outreach efforts by helping companies focus and prioritize on prospects that have the most potential for sales and profitability. This ensures that companies aren’t wasting their marketing efforts on customers who will not convert or may not be very profitable. Pardot evaluates prospects based on two main indicators: Score and Grade.

How Does Pardot Scoring Evaluate a Prospect?

The Pardot scoring feature assigns a value based on how much the prospect likes the company and how likely they are to become a customer. Scoring is heavily affected by prospect engagement with the company. Typical metrics that companies choose to rate a prospect’s score include the number of times they have visited the company website, how often they have initiated contact, and whether or not they have attended company events or responded to other invitations.

Companies can fine tune scoring rules so that a prospect’s score decays or resets if a certain amount of time passes without any engagement with the company. As the nature of business relationships fluctuate over time, the prospect’s score is also likely to change as engagement with your company intensifies or wanes.

How Does Pardot Grading Evaluate a Prospect?

In many ways the Pardot grading feature is the opposite of the scoring feature. Instead of assigning a value based on how much the prospect likes your company, prospect grades are assigned based on how much your company likes the prospect. Typical factors that companies use to affect a prospect’s grade include metrics like the prospect’s company size, industry, and location. For example, a company may choose to assign a higher grade to prospects who are local, or if they work in an industry that has proven profitable for the company in the past.

A prospect’s grade may also change over time. For example, if your company or theirs expands focus into a new industry or opens a new location. It may also be worth fine tuning your grading rules over time as new data emerges.

Pardot Consulting from the Refinery Source

The Refinery Source helps clients ensure that they are getting the most from their Salesforce Pardot product. We’ll guide you through the Pardot implementation process, including determining grading and scoring rules as well as other great features.

By Kevin Knight

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