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Real Time Credit Decisioning Integration

Real Time Credit Decisioning Streamlines the Customer Experience

  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Results: Increased Efficiency, Faster Sales Cycle, Increased Sales Capacity
  • Deliverables: Custom Real Time API Integration with Dun & Bradstreet
  • Products: Apex, Visualforce

Client Profile

The Refinery Source worked closely with a national provider of employee benefits, payroll, human resources, and employer services. Our client provides these services to over 200,000 customers nationwide across an array of sectors and company sizes. Our client also has over 1,300 active Salesforce users at the company who rely on the CRM for a range of daily activities.

The Need

Our client utilizes a high volume personal sales process that requires the financial health of the customer to be a factor before the sale can be closed. Our client also has a large subscription model customer base for which financial health is a factor in customer standing. Thus the client needed a way to reduce the time it took to close sales by having fewer steps in the sales process without compromising the quality or accuracy of real-time credit decisioning. Our client also wanted to empower sales representatives in the field to make faster, better decisions by reducing the sales representatives’ dependency on the back office and by eliminating the need to contact inside administrators to run credit checks.

The Solution

The Refinery Source solved our client’s needs by developing a real-time API integration with Dun & Bradstreet for sales representatives in the field. We also created a set of automated triggers and workflows that allowed essential processes to run seamlessly in the background during natural sales process, thereby increasing efficiency and customer experience. Finally, we created a daily batch process that is designed to proactively alert sales management of customers that were not meeting the custom criteria for financial health.

The Results

The Refinery Source delivered a custom, real-time API integration with Dun & Bradstreet to determine financial health that allows sales representatives in the field to not only close deals faster but also to increase their overall close percentage rate by empowering them with the tools they need to “strike while the iron is hot.” This in turned increased the efficiency of the sales process and sped up the sales cycle, thus ultimately increasing overall sales capacity through automation. Finally, these new tools helped reduce the risk on new sales while also mitigating the risk with existing customers.