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SQL Server to Salesforce Integration

Modernizing legacy systems with state-of-the-art Salesforce CRM systems for a national industrial services company.

  • Industry: Industrial field services
  • Results: HR functionality in real-time; mobile access to closed systems
  • Deliverables: State-of-the-art Salesforce data integration of legacy systems

Client Profile

The Refinery Source was contacted by a national industrial services company specializing in field services. To best serve their customers, the company has multiple administrative offices spread out in geographically diverse areas. This allows the company more flexibility but demands top level efficiently in their data management system to ensure that teams in different offices are able to collaborate smoothly and productively.

The Need

The client was relying on legacy systems for their data management needs. These systems were critical for project success and deeply entrenched in the daily operations of the company. However, these legacy systems were also time consuming and resource intensive to maintain and did not have the flexibility, security, features, and performance of modern systems like Salesforce. The client needed to integrate their internal servers with SQL to allow for a transition from the legacy systems to Salesforce. Paramount to the client’s needs was the ability to schedule a daily import of data. This import would ensure that new data was readily available for retrieval at all offices and fully up to date.

The Solution

The Refinery Source immediately began comprehensive data integration with the existing legacy systems. We were able to deliver real-time data to a singular database of record to both the administrative offices, as well as the field. Thus, as soon as the data was input into the system anywhere and at any time, it was immediately available for retrieval by anyone with access at any of the client’s offices or by their field teams. Thereby providing the most accurate, relevant, and timely data possible.

Additionally, The Refinery Source wrote Salesforce Apex Code and Triggers to transform the connected data. Providing insight to the client for use with decision making and projections.

The Results

The Refinery Source delivered on our mission by providing our client with a powerful and useful range of capabilities with their new Salesforce platform. Our client now has the ability to manage all facets of HR functionality in real-time, thereby helping them lower HR and administrative costs while delivering even better HR services to employees. Our client also now has the ability to review project data from legacy systems in conjunction with legacy systems and field data entry. Finally, since field services are such a crucial aspect of the client’s business model, we ensured that their new system provided mobile access to their secure, closed systems. Thereby delivering greater functionality and convenience without compromising data security.