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Wave Analytics Consumer Banking Implementation

Wave Analytics Provides Consumer Banking Company with Valuable Customer Insight

  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Results: Revenue Growth
  • Deliverables: Business Intelligence; Data Analysis; Custom Development
  • Products: Salesforce Wave, Analytics Cloud, SAQL

Client Profile

The Refinery Source assisted a national bank in gleaning valuable customer data through the use of Salesforce Wave Analytics. Our client is a nationwide US bank that provides credit cards and financial solutions to families and individuals. The bank has been in business for over 100 years and now has over 1,000 branches and over 20,000 employees.

The Need

The bank needed to find sales and growth opportunities from within its existing customer base with the hope of establishing ancillary product offerings that would pair well with its existing products. To do this the Sales and Consumer Representatives needed a user friendly and easy to understand analytics system that would provide data about the products and services being purchased by customers. The system also needed a way to track and measure sales goals and quotas in order to provide this data quickly and efficiently to users in real time.

The Solution

The Refinery Source approached this challenge by integrating the bank’s system with nationally used CRM sales data. We also worked closely with the bank to develop a customized way of displaying the data that would be the most useful and efficient for the employees who would be using that. The solution was custom dashboards and custom wave lens that would display the data in meaningful graphics and charts that could be read at a glance. Integral to this process was maintaining user security and visibility in the dashboards we created, and to do this we needed to work with multiple roles for hierarchical reporting.

The Results

The Refinery Source delivered a sleek Salesforce Wave Analytics system that uncovered previously unknown and unrealized sales opportunities. This whitespace product provides key sales information to Consumer Representatives and Sales Teams that shows product pairings and opportunities for cross selling. This resulted in new upsell opportunities and allowed the bank to grow its revenue from its already existing customer base. The Refinery Source also delivered training to empower the sales teams with data-driven decisions and ensure that they were getting the full value and potential from their new Salesforce Wave system.