Drive Sales Efficiency using Salesforce Sales Cloud

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The Salesforce Sales Cloud is a powerful platform designed to help Salesforce users streamline the sales process and work more efficiently with powerful tools for account and contact management, opportunity and lead management, enhanced workflow, and comprehensive sales data. Let’s dig in deeper and see how the Salesforce Sales Cloud drives greater sales efficiency in these areas.

Account and Contact Management

The Salesforce Sales Cloud helps users improve the way they manage customer accounts by providing a more complete view of customers. Contact Management retains a history of communications, a list of all key contacts for an account, tasks related to the account, and even aggregates social media for the account. This empowers Sales Cloud users with the most up-to-date, relevant information about their customers.

Opportunity Management

The Sales Cloud Opportunity Management tool provides users with the insight needed to close deals and make sales. At a glance, Sales Cloud users can see the stage of the sales cycle they are in with a given opportunity, products and quotes for that customer, and even a timeline of the customer’s activity. Plus, Opportunity Management will automatically notify you when action is needed to ensure that you don’t fall behind the competition. This comprehensive data will also allow you to quickly and easily create new price quotes and deals for the customer and to track quote information such as the quantity, standard price, and quoted price.

Lead Management

The Sales Cloud Lead Management tool helps users convert more leads by supplying rich, comprehensive data about the impact of marketing campaigns. Lead Management allows Sales Cloud users to automatically score leads and assign them to the most appropriate sales reps. It also manages and tracks the impact of marketing campaigns across all channels including social media, thereby allowing users to narrow in on the most effective strategies while discarding or refining less effective approaches.

Enhanced Workflow

Salesforce Sales Cloud enhances the workflow for Sales users in a variety of key ways.

Workflow – The Workflow tool provides fast, simple point-and-click functionality to create complex business processes, deals and discounts, expenses, and approval requests.

Process Builder – The Process Builder tool also provides point-and-click functionality for automating various business processes. Users can auto-assign tasks, receive automatic email alerts based on certain criteria, and monitor deals as they move from one stage to the next.

Intelligent Recommendations – These tools provide sales reps with intelligent recommendations based on comprehensive data. They also guide sales reps through qualification conversations with customers, and automate tasks like filling out orders or creating proposals.

Faster Approvals – Sales Cloud makes it faster and easier than ever for managers to approve deals and discounts for sales reps, or travel and other expenses for employees. Approval requests from employees can be automated and then approved by managers directly in Chatter or by email.

Sales Data

First and foremost, Sales Cloud provides the rich stream of meaningful sales data that users need to make the best sales decisions. Two key ways this is done are with Reports and Dashboards and Sales Forecasting.

Reports and Dashboards – Reports and Dashboards provide a convenient, at-a-glance way for users to get a real-time understanding of every part of their sales pipeline. Building reports is as simple as dragging and dropping the fields, filters, and groups desired into the build area. Charts can then be modified to display data in a variety of meaningful ways with a few clicks. Reports and Dashboards is also available on mobile devices and can be shared for easily collaboration among team members.

Sales Forecasting – The Sales Forecasting tool also provides a convenient way to get real-time information about every part of the sales pipeline but with an emphasis on tracking sales performance and projecting sales growth. Sales Forecasting has support for in-line editing and provides override visibility options as data is shared up or down the management hierarchy. Sales Forecasting is ideal for tracking performance and creating real-time leaderboards to motivate sales reps.

The Refinery Source Is Your Guide to Salesforce Sales Cloud

With so many powerful resources and options available from Salesforce Sales Cloud, it can be easy for companies who are just implementing the platform to become overwhelmed or be unsure of how best to maximize the advantages it has to offer. The Refinery Source is your guide to Salesforce Sales Cloud. We’ll help you customize your Sales Cloud experience in ways that will be most beneficial to your unique company culture, business model, and industry.

By Kevin Knight

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