Einstein Analytics vs Standard Salesforce Reporting

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Salesforce is almost synonymous with efficient data management. Salesforce users have come to expect powerful native tools and ancillary apps from the AppExchange that provide valuable data insight. The standard Salesforce reporting tools are highly effective in their own right; however, by far one of the best data-driven business intelligence tools is Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics.

What is Einstein Analytics?

Einstein Analytics is a sophisticated AI-driven business intelligence tool that takes complex data analysis and turns it into easy-to-understand, mobile-friendly reports that Salesforce users will understand at a glance.

How Does Einstein Analytics Differ from Standard Salesforce Reporting?

Einstein Analytics features a variety of significant advantages and features over standard Salesforce reporting that are designed to make data simpler and easier to understand while also improving quality and transparency.

User Interface – Einstein Analytics features a sleek, modern style that is designed to spur users to explore data more thoroughly.

  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Customizable Widgets
  • Predefined Filters
  • Heat Maps
  • Forecasting

Analyze Data from External Sources – Standard Salesforce reporting requires users to import their data before it can be analyzed. By contrast, Einstein Analytics allows users to analyze data from external sources without the need to clutter their Salesforce orgs with data and elaborate customizations that will be unnecessary once data analysis is complete.

Mobile Optimization – Einstein Analytics is fully optimized for mobile. Mobile solutions for standard Salesforce reporting are limited to the Salesforce1 mobile platform. By contrast Einstein Analytics runs smoothly on smartphones, tablets, and even smart watches, allowing users to harness the full power of Einstein Analytics wherever they go

The Refinery Source Is the Smart Choice for Einstein Analytics

The Refinery Source can help your company determine if Einstein Analytics is right for you. By examining your data and current reporting, we can help define what benefits your company will receive from Einstein Analytics through filters, dashboards, reports, and other features. We’ll also help you define your security needs, how to keep your data safe, and understand the platform in a way where you can derive the most value from it.

By Kevin Knight

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